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Alba an Àigh

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Q: What is Scotland the brave in Scots Gaelic?
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What is the Scots Gaelic for free Scotland?

Saor Alba! is Free Scotland!

What is the Gaelic for 'Scotland the brave'?

Alba an Àigh

Does Scotland speak Gaelic?

About 65,000 people speak Scots Gaelic, primarily in the Hebrides.

What is Scots Gaelic for 'Scotland your homeland'?

Alba do thìr-dhàimh.

Whats the nationality of the people who live in Scotland?

Answer Scottish (in english), Scots (in Scots), or Albannaich (in Scots-Gaelic).

What is Scotland's common language?

Scottish-standard English Scots Gaelic

What are the 3 most spoken langues in Scotland?

The answer is English, Scots and Gaelic!

How do you translate Galtach from Scots Gaelic into English?

If you mean Gaidhealtachd it means the Gaelic speaking area of Scotland.

What languages are spoken in Scotland and what is the capital?

The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. Most people in Scotland speak English, but a few speak Scots or Gaelic as well.

How do you pronounce the Scottish Gaelic word endweys?

That is not a Scottish Gaelic word. It may be a word in the English dialect of Scotland ("Scots" or "Lallans"). Gaelic has no 'w' or 'y'.

How do you write born in Scotland in scottish Gaelic?

Alba an Aigh is Scotland the Brave

What do Scotland people call their Santa Claus?

In Scotland, people say Bodach na Nollaig (Scots Gaelic: "Old Man of Christmas").