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First, the "predicate" is just another name for the verb, the word that shows the action in a sentence. Every sentence needs a subject (the person, place or thing doing the action) and a predicate (the action word that tells what the subject has done). The simple predicate is usually the main verb in a sentence. For example: Jerry ran to catch the bus. The subject is Jerry. The word that tells what he did is "ran" and that is the simple predicate.

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Q: What is Sometimes called the simple predicate?
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Sometimes called the simple predicate-?

The Verb is sometimes called the simple predicate.

Someimes called the simple predicate?

sometimes called the simple predicate

What is sometimes is called the simple predicate?

Verbs are sometimes called simple predicates.

It is sometimes called the simple predicate?

The verb is sometimes called the simple predicate. Simple predicates are the helping word and verb combination. All sentences have two parts that are the subject and predicate.

Sometimes called simple predicate?


Is verb or verb phrase sometimes called simple predicate?

A simple predicate is just a verb. For example, in "He walks in the rain," "walks" is the simple predicate; "walks in the rain" is the complete predicate.

Sometimes called a simple perdicate?

The simple predicate is the key word in the predicate or verb part of the sentence. It is not the entire predicate because then it wouldn't be simple. The simple predicate in a sentence is also known as the verb or verbs. The simple predicate is only the main verb.

Sometimes called the simple prediction?

Perhaps you mean the simple predicate. In the sentence "John sleeps in a feather bed," the simple predicate is "sleeps."

In grammar whatv is sometimes called the simple predicate?

The verb.

What is the word sometimes called simple predicate?

It is the word,verb.

Sometimes called the simple predicated?

The predicate is everything in a sentence that is not the subject. A simple predicate is a finite verb e.g. I am, or Stuff happens.

Simple predicate examples?

A simple predicate is always a verb, but sometimes not all the verbs in a sentence are the simple predicate.

What is the simple predicate in such scientists are called entomologists?

The simple predicate is: are calledThe complete predicate is: are called entomologists

Is the verb sometimes the simple predicate?

Yes it can be a simple predicate if it is not followed by direct object, adjective predicate nominative or adverb.

What is the simple subect and simple predicate The orange deposit on the outside surface is called rust?

The simple subject is deposit. The simple predicate is is called.

Is 'verb phrase' sometimes called the simple predicate?

no, i don't believe so.

Christian high school equivalency exam answers?

What the answers

Whats called the simple predicate?

The simple predicate is the verb or verb phrase in a sentence. In the sentence 'I asked a question on WikiAnswers', 'I' is the simple subject and 'asked' is the simple predicate. The complete predicate is 'asked a question on WikiAnswers.'

Some times called the simple predicate?

The simple predicate is the verb in the sentence. A simple subject is the noun doing the action.

Is are called a simple predicate?


What is the simple predicate of the songs were called the blues?


Sometimes called the simple predicate?

verb or phrase

What is sometmes called the simple predicate?


Does a complete predicate includes words that modify the simple subject?

Not usually, but sometimes. A complete predicate may include a "predicate adjective" that modifies the simple subject, as in the sentence, "She is pretty", in which "pretty" modifies the simple subject "she". However, this is by no means a necessary part of a predicate in general.

Is Do Not a simple predicate?

A simple predicate is only one word, so do not is not a simple predicate