What is Sonny With a Chance episode 3 season 2 about?

Sonny with a Chance episode 3 season 2 is about-Gassie the farting dog and the So Random crew are getting ready to stare in a movie.Later that day Sonny sneaks Gassie out of his room when his mean, unloveing care giver is in another room and treats him way more lovingly and feed him some of his favourite foods like meatball's. When they are shooting another episode of So Random with Gassie in it, he is all out of farts and in the middle of there sketch they had to improvise which made the audience unsatisfied and everyone blames Sonny, but Sonny knew that she had done the right thing. The next day Gassies owner gave Gassie to Sonny as he was no more use to her. Then Sonny told him to sit, lay down and then play dead, he actually dies. Sonny is extremely upset and Chad goes to Sonny's dressing room to cheer her up by setting up a memorial service for Gassie. At the funeral all of a sudden everyone here's a fart. its gassie! his alive!