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Q: What is Stewardship of the profession?
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What can you do to remember the meaning of -ship?

A suffix denoting state, office, dignity, profession, or art; as in lordship, friendship, chancellorship, stewardship, horsemanship.

What is the relationship between stewardship and homosexuality?

Stewardship refers to the responsible management and care of resources, including relationships and communities. There is no inherent connection between stewardship and homosexuality; individuals can practice stewardship regardless of their sexual orientation. The focus should be on promoting respect, compassion, and inclusivity towards all individuals, regardless of their background.

What are synonyms of stewardship?

Some synonyms for stewardship include responsibility, caretaking, guardianship, and oversight.

What has the author Richard Waddell written?

Richard Waddell has written: 'Stewardship' -- subject(s): Christian Stewardship, Church finance, Stewardship, Christian

When was Marine Stewardship Council created?

Marine Stewardship Council was created in 1997.

What is the population of Marine Stewardship Council?

Marine Stewardship Council's population is 100.

What is the Greek word for Stewardship?

The Greek word for stewardship is "oikonomia" and refers to an administrator.

Can you give me an example of stewardship in a sentence?

The stewardship of the earth's resources is in the hands of mankind.

What has the author L Maude Love written?

L. Maude Love has written: 'The Christian stewardship of abilities' -- subject(s): Christian Stewardship, Stewardship, Christian

What is the Tagalog word for stewardship?

The Tagalog word for stewardship is "pangangalaga." It refers to the responsible management and care of resources entrusted to one's care.

What is the symbol for Stewardship Financial Corp in NASDAQ?

The symbol for Stewardship Financial Corp in NASDAQ is: SSFN.

What has the author Robert C Heerspink written?

Robert C. Heerspink has written: 'Becoming a firstfruits congregation' -- subject(s): Christian Stewardship, Stewardship, Christian, Christian stewardship