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Sugarcandy Mountain is an allegory of Heaven. Moses is an allegory for the Russian Orthodox Church.

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Q: What is Sugarcandy Mountain in Animal Farm?
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What does sugarcandy mountain symbolize in animal farm?


What was the name if the place Moses in animal farm?

Sugarcandy Mountain

What effect does Moses and his tale of Sugarcandy Mountain have in Animal Farm?

moses is a bird, and he tells the animals about a place called sugarcandy mountain which is an allegory for heaven.

In animal farm what character tells the story Sugarcandy Mountain?

Moses the raven.

Since the pigs do not believe Moses's stories of Sugarcandy Mountain why do they let his presence on the farm in the book Animal Farm?

Moses's stories about Sugarcandy mountain provide comfort for animals lacking moral on Animal Farm. Moses and his religiously symbolic appeasement actually benefits the pigs as the animals are diverted.

What refernce does sugar candy mountain me on animal farm?

Sugarcandy Mountain represents heaven. With all of its characteristics, it sounds pretty similar to heaven in my opinion.

What animal says something about sugarcandy mountain?

The crow Moses talks about sugarcandy mountain. He represents the church preaching heaven in the afterlife.

What did Moses say in Animal Farm?

He talks about Sugarcandy Mountain, where he says animals go when they die but only if they work hard. He represents Rasputin.

Who does the birds represent in Animal Farm?

moses (the raven) represents religion. he talks about sugarcandy mountain and how all of the animals will go there when they die. He is later banned from animal farm to symbolize the banning of religion.

In animal farm why is Moses allowed back?

The situation had grown worse for the workers, so Moses is allowed back to tell them the tale of Sugarcandy Mountain, in order to give them something to look forward to. Of course, Sugarcandy Mountain does not actually exist, and is simply a way to continue to exploit the workers.

What are some metaphors in Animal Farm?

One metaphor in Animal Farm is the farmhouse, which represents greed and lust. The gun and flag represent Marxism in the way the animals worship them. Sugarcandy Mountain represents heaven. Milk represents the love and care from mothers to their children.

What are some quotes for Moses in animal farm?

some quotes of moses can be about sugarcandy mountains or about heavaen or hell,and some about religion

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