What is Suicide's TNA theme song?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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His TNA theme song was "Coming Alive" by Dale Oliver.

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Q: What is Suicide's TNA theme song?
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How sings suicides tna theme song?

It's called Coming Alive by Dale Oliver

What is the name of suicides theme music on tna?

Come Alive

What is christopher Daniels tna theme song?

His TNA theme song is"Wings of a Fallen Angel (Remix)" by Dale Oliver

What is shannon moore's tna theme?

He has an TNA theme song but it is just a beat there are no lyrics or a title

In tna what is lax theme song?

it is called hardcore and it is by tna musik.

Where can i find Jeff Hardy's tna theme song?

first go to youtube then click in wwe Jeff hardy tna theme song

What is Rob Van Dam's TNA theme song?

Rob Van Dam's TNA theme song is "Whole F'n Show" by Kushinator.

What is TNA's New Theme Song?

TNA's new 2010 theme tune is called Change Me and is just by TNA insiders. You can download it on itunes

Where can you download suicides theme song?

Go to

Who sings Crimson's TNA theme song?

Crimson's theme song is preformed by Dale Oliver.

Who made Jeff hardys 2010 tna theme song and what is it called?

I don't know who made his TNA song but I do know that his TNA song name is called Darkness.

Who is the TNA theme song by?

Cross the Line by Ad/am