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The cancer that was a result of the injection of cell-free filtrate is the most definitive proof that viruses can cause cancer. The difficulty however in observing viruses is one among the many causes of slow development of cancer etiology.

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The most conclusive evidence that viruses cause cancer is provided by?

Cancer following injection of cell-free filtrates

How are viruses and cancer related?

Viruses are pathogens that cause diseases which leads to cancer.

Are viruses a cause of cancer?

Some can cause cancer. They are called oncogenic viruses.

Cancer-causing viruses are known as?


Can marijuana protect you from a virus?

NO! Are you kidding me? It's infections, your going to get viruses depending on the type of cancer you get. And cancer has viruses.

Cancer-causing irritants which trigger viruses?

Smoking is a cancer-causing irritant which can trigger viruses. Smoking can cause allergies which can lead to a weakened immune system.

Is cancer caused by a virus?

There are about 200 types of cancer, and these diseases are very complex. However, while viruses can make one more susceptible to cancer, current medical science does not recognize viruses as a cause of cancer.

What are cancer causing viruses known as?

The pathogens that cause cancer are called, "Carcinogens."

What are cancer causing viruses called?


Do viruses really kill cancer cell?


What are oncolytic viruses?

Oncolytic viruses are viruses used in cancer treatment. They kill these viruses through chemical means in multiple stages by attacking infected cells.

What are the uses for viruses?

Viruses are used to kill cancer cellsViruses are used for anti-ageingViruses are Used to Grow more energy efficient Batteries

Can you get cancer from bacon?

No, there is no evidence suggesting that bacon will cause cancer.

Does microbes contribute to cancer?

Yes, there are carcinogenic viruses.

What is an ingredient in tobacco that causes cancer?

None of them. Epidemiological studies have SUGGESTED that tobacco MAY increase the RISK of developing cancer. Barbaric laboratory experiments on rats and dogs (try Googling "beagles smoking") have provided some further supporting EVIDENCE (and also contradictory evidence). Wouldn't the billions wasted be better spent researching a cure for cancer? Smoking rates are decreasing yet the incidence of cancer is increasing.

Can you get cancer sexually from someome that has lung cancer?

No. You can't "give" someone cancer. However cancer causing viruses like HPV can be transmitted sexually, but not cancer itself.

How does viruses cause cancer?

Cancer-causing viruses such as HPV cause cancer by altering or changing the genetic makeup of your cells. They change it by adding or deleting a gene or a genetic material. This turns your healthy cells into cancerous cells.

Is cancer genetic?

There is some evidence that some forms of cancer may be.

What are some viruses?

Cancer, flu, polio, Ebola, and H1N1

Is hpv related to ovarian cancer?

There is no evidence that HPV causes ovarian cancer.

Can microwaves give you cancer?

No, there is no scientific documented evidence that microwaves give you cancer.

What are the economic importance of viruses?

1. Virotherapy is an experimental form of cancer treatment using biotechnology to convert viruses into cancer-fighting agents by reprogramming viruses to attack cancerous cells, while healthy cells remained relatively undamaged. Usually the viruses used are herpes simplex virus or Adenoviruses.

How many liver cancer patients show evidence of hepatitis infection?

About 75% of patients with liver cancer show evidence of hepatitis infection.

How are viruses helpful to humans?

The dead or weakend viruses can be used to make vaccines.They also help to prevent breast cancer

What initiates cancer?

cancer is growth of normal cellsi nterferring with function of the body. more and more, viruses are known to cause cancer. of course radiation can cause cancer and also can control cancer.