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Q: What is The period whereby the egg develops into a baby inside the mother's womb called?
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What is the period whereby the egg develops into a baby inside the mother's womb?


What specific organ develops first inside the mothers womb?

i think it is the brain

Which young animals develops longer inside the mothers womb an elephant or a giraffe?


Does the embryo develops?

The embryo develops not in the wombYour species may vary. Mammalian embryos develop within the uterus of their mothers. Bird and reptile embryos develop inside eggs. Some oviparous embryos develop inside eggs inside their mothers. In some fish and seahorses, the eggs laid by the female, but carried by the males in a pouch and the embryos develop within him.

Which young animals develops inside the mothers womb elephant or a giraffe?

Both an elephant and a giraffe develop inside of there mothers wombs. The pregnancy and birth of both a giraffe and an elephant are quiet the same as a dog or cats pregnancy and birth.

What is the period where the egg develops inside the mother womb called?


Where does the embryo develop?


Where do find the seeds that are inside of a rose?

After the petals fall off the seed, called a rose "hip" develops in the stem behind where the flower was.

What is the first organ that will develop in the mothers womb?

The organ where the developing fetus resides is called the uterus. This is where the fetus grows and matures inside the female.

In mammals where does the embryo develops?

In mammals, the embryo develops with in the specialised part of the oviduct .

What divids inside the the ovule and develops into an embryo?


Do the embryo develops inside the egg?

In birds and reptiles only .