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What is Till Test?

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it a test to check hypovolemia, when a patien is lying daown his Blood Pressure can be normal, due to that with this position the venous retorn is easy, but when the patien sits up the BP decrease and the pulse increase,

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In test match what are the limit of out for hand?

till wrist or say till gloves

Total run in test cricket till date by virendra sehwag?

6248 runs in 72 test matches. These are the total runs in test cricket till date by virendra sehwag.

How many wickets have been taken so far in Test Matches till the 1999th Test?

61,175 wickets have been taken so far by the bowlers of all the Test-playing Countries till the 1999th Test Match.

How many centuries have been scored till the 1999th Test Match of the World Cricket History?

The total number of centuries; 3,450 have been scored by the batsmen of all the Test-playing Countries till the 1999th Test Match.

What is the total test matches played by India?

Till the date India Playes 430 test matches.

Who is the Highest run getters in 2008 in test matches?

Virendra Shewag 1475(till Second Test With England)

How do you pass meth test?

By not doing meth... or waiting till its out your system ...

You have taken a pregnancy test that came back negative but it is still two days till by period but you have been spotting brown discharge for two days on and off are you pregnant?

Yes, there is a chance. I didn't get any spotting, but I didn't get a + test till I was 5 days late! I would wait to test till you are officially late. Good luck!

How much alcohol is needed to test positive on a drug test?

alcohol shows on a blood test for about 8-10 hours if you drink till you pass out but not on a urine test at all

Does acyclovir affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test?

no till now there is no proof of interferance of this drug with any sort if pregnancy test

How long till suboxone is out of your system to pass a drug test?

9 days

How long after smoking marijuana till you can pass a saliva test?

3-4 days.

How many test matches Indian cricket team has played till now?


How long dose it take till you can find out your pregnant?

You can take a test 2 weeks after.

What is the approximate date till India be at no 1 spot in test?

India becomes no.1 in the test cricket on sun 6 9.55 -10.10am

How many century has made by sachin in test till date?

As of 07 July 2011, Sachin Tendulkar has scored 51 TEST Centuries.

How many bowlers have made hattrick in Test Cricket?

In the history of Test Cricket 36 bowlers have made hat-tricks till now.

Who are the father and son have century in their first test match and then never till now?

Bob Woolmer and his father make century in their first test match.

How long till percocet is out of body for drug test?

With lots of water, not beer, 72 hours.

What some natural ways to help a women conceive?

have sex till the preg. test is posative

How many centuries did dhoni made till now?

6 in test matches an 9 in ODI's.

How many days till can take birth test?

You can take a birth control test an hour after sex. However, if you are asking 'how many days does it take to get a correct answer on a pregnancy test?', that depends on what you use.

Will a pregnancy test work if you take it during your period?

lf your on your periods, then your not pregnant.However, to be sure, wait till they finish, then wait another week to take a test, or get a blood test from the doctor.

Can you take a pregnancy test a week before your period is due?

You can but you will get a inaccurate result. Wait till your period arrives. If it doesn't arrive then you do a test. If it DOES arrive then you are not pregnant.

How long does it take till two 25 mg adderall do not show on a drug test?

Evan Andrews