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It will depend on the shop and the experience of the staff on hand. The cost can be $40 to $80+ and it can take 30 minutes to a few hours.Ê

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My Pontiac Sunfire jumped time how do you fix it?

To fix the Pontiac Sunfire if it jumped time, the timing belt has to be replaced. Then the car has to have the timing set again after the belt is replaced.

Can you put a 2.8 V6 in a 1995 Pontiac Sunfire?

I hang out in a couple of Sunfire groups and have never heard of a V6 swap. I guess it might be "possible", but it may or may not be worth what it takes to get it done. I've wished for a long time, that Pontiac had offered a 6 cylinder engine for Sunfires.

How do you replace head gasket 2002 2.2 L Pontiac Sunfire?

Go buy a manual from your local parts store. Like most auto repairs, it involves multiple detailed steps. Read up on what you need to do, and which tools you'll require. After that, decide whether you have the skills, time, and tools to undertake it.

What kind of coolant to put in my 2001 Pontiac sunfire?

whaT KIND OF COOLANT DO I PUT IN MY 2001 PONTIAC SUNFIRE Generally, the GM model vehicles, or is this case, the sunfire, use a specific kind of coolant called DEX-cool extended life engine coolant. It is orange-ish in color and most of the time GM specific. i have a 01 sunfire, 2.2 liter myself, and on my car frame, i have a sticker that says "Use only DEX-cool engine coolant....". Hope this helps!

Why do Low beams work high beams don't indicator light on all the time in 1996 Pontiac sunfire?

Normally caused by faulty dimmer switch.

1997 Pontiac Sunfire Starts Intermittenly After Changing Ignition Lock.?

Does the engine turn over every time you try, or does it sometimes do nothing when you turn the key?

Why does the theft system light keeps coming on. It's a 1997 Pontiac sunfire why?

I have the same problem with my 2004 Sunfire. Leave the ignition on for 10 minutes. Just let it sit for 10 minutes. No shorter than that time. And Should start.

You have a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire and it ran out of gas Now you can not get your started What could it be?

if it has fuel injection a mechanic will have to reprogram the fuel injection for you when you run them dry they get out of sync and dont fire at the right time.

On a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire what does the service light with the little carlock light mean?

IT probably means that ur day time running lights and head light system is bad somewhere...

How do i disable the daytime lights on a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire?

the quickest and easiest way to do it on any car is to pull the e-brake lever up until it clicks just one time.

Owner's manual on line for 1998 Pontiac sunfire?

Save yourself the time and go to either advanced auto parts or i hate to say it auto zone and get a Chilton manual. It's worth it!

Why does your 1996 Pontiac Sunfire heater not work?

We need a bit more information about your problem. Does the fan work? Does the car take a long time to warm up? (possible thermostat problem) FriPilot

How long does it take to replace the water pump on a 2001 Pontiac sunfire?

1st time I did it it took me awhile. Probable about 5 hours. Most my time was spent accessing the water pump and cleaning off the old gasket. I assume someone with more experience and proper tooling could do it in a couple of hours. I had to remove the alternator and that mounting bracket that it sat on. Removed the mounting bracket because I had limited access to the gasket that was left on the engine from the water pump. I also didn't have the proper Serpitine Belt tensioner I had to run out and purchase one of those.

Is it hard to replace intake plenum gasket on 1994 3.8 Pontiac Bonneville?

no, it is very easy, it just takes time, plan on aprox. 6 hours so you do not feel rushed.

How do you change the back-up lights on a Pontiac Sunfire?

You can access the backup light on your Pontiac from the trunk compartment. Remove the backup light cover. Take hold of the backup light connector, push in and turn at the same time. Do the same with the backup lightbulb. Reverse the process to install the new lightbulb.

Why did they stop making the Pontiac Sunfire in 2005?

Good question! But, the Sunfire had a run of nearly 10 years. Zillions of them were sold and were/are still quite dependable, but the time comes with all car models when it's time to update. Newer technologies need to be put into place. The styling has become dated and customers no longer find the car attractive or competitive. I guess quitting on a high note is the best thing. Sadly, Pontiac is going the way of Oldsmobile. There will be no more. Those of us who own and love our "Ponchos" will have to take very good care of all of them if we expect to see them on the road in the years to come. RIP Pontiac ~

How do you time gear on 2002 sunfire?

With help from a mechanic

I have a coolant leak in my 2001 Pontiac sunfire 2.4l motor and there are no leaks on the ground what could the problem be?

There is either a crack in the head gasket or some other part of the engine that is allowing the coolant to leak out through the tailpipe. Take the spark plugs out one at a time, turn the engine on and see if anything (like water) comes out of the spark plug holes. Also check to see if the spark plugs themselves are wet.

How do you set the clock on a 2004 Pontiac Sunfire?

Turn ignition to "on" or auxiliary with radio off. Time will light up. Press and hold the "hr" button until the numbers move. Do the same with the "min" button. Good luck.

How do i change the oil of a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire?

take it to jiffy lube! this Car's oil filter is so hard to get to , that most hate to see it when you pull in for a oil change because of it ,some time or another they have all been burned.

What is the oil capacity of a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire?

Roughly, 4 quarts. Have 5 available. Check the oil a few minutes after adding 4 quarts. (allow time for the oil to drain down into the oil pan) Add more oil, or not, as required.

If the driver side window on a Pontiac Sunfire wont go all the way up do you need a new window motor?

Me and two of my friends have had problems with one or another window not responding, every time it was the actual switch in the center counsel that went out

How could a head gasket be ruined other than over heating If the car already had leaking coolant for a long time would that have caused it?

gasket wears out in time. leaking coolant is the result of a bad gasket not the cause of it.

'93 Pontiac grand am engine knocking noise?

my grand am had an engine knocking noise. it was the intake manifold gasket was going bad. it was leaking coolant into my oil. look at your oil to see if it is a white milky color. if it is then you need a new manifold gasket which sucks. it takes a long time to do by yourself. or you can take it to a place that charges you $1000 to do. but if you can. do it yourself

How much is it to buy a used head Gasket for a KIA?

You cannot and should not buy a used head gasket. If you have a blown head gasket you replace it with a new gasket. The gasket will cost very little. The labor to replace the gasket is where the cost is. Expect to pay from $500 to $1,000. This is a major repair that takes time.

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