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Fairy dust!

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Q: What is Tinkerbells magic powder called?
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What is Tinkerbells fairy group called?

they are called, Tinkers

When did Tinkerbells Fairydust end?

Tinkerbells Fairydust ended in 1969.

What is the name of Tinkerbells movie?


What is Tinkerbells favourite animal?

it is a butterfly

What was Tinkerbells sisters name?

Periwinkle :)

What is Tinkerbells real name?


Where is Tinkerbells house on poptropica?

it is everywhere but is gone

What is the name of Tinkerbells rabbit friend?


What are the ratings and certificates for Make Way for Noddy - 2001 The Magic Powder?

Make Way for Noddy - 2001 The Magic Powder is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

How do you make other people?

Magic powder which is white

What is Tinkerbells 2 favourite colours?

Black and red

What cartoon hero used a magic powder?

Tinker Bell?