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the break down of tooth matter

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Q: What is Tooth decay?
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How does toothpaste prevent tooth decay?

which element present in our toothpaste protects out tooth from the tooth decay?

Is tooth decay caused by a virus or bacteria?

tooth decay is caused by bacteria

Which will decay a tooth the quickest soda or water?

A tooth will decay faster in soda because of the acid content that dissolves the tooth. In water, which is PH neutral, the tooth shouldn't decay at all.

What is another name for tooth decay?

Dental Caries is the scientific name for 'tooth decay.'

What chemical helps prevent tooth decay?

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay

What bacteria causes tooth decay?

The Bacteria which causes tooth decay is Streptococcus mutan.

What is the structure and function of the part of tooth decay?

No part of "tooth decay" is a structure or function.

Is Tooth Decay a disease?

no its only a decay

Can tooth decay be caused by microorganisms?

Yes. In fact, microorganisms are the primary cause of tooth decay.

Does chemotherapy cause tooth decay?

Chemotherapy can lead to stomatitis and increase the risk of tooth decay.

Does sugar cause tooth decay?

Yes, sugar is one of the leading causes of tooth decay. It is very important to brush your teeth after every meal to avoid tooth decay.

Is tooth decay a sign of cancer?

No tooth decay is not a sign of cancer. Various other things can be signs of cancer. Tooth decay is natural process that can be sped up by several factors. For example, drinking soda helps sped up tooth decay.

What element is added to thoothpaste and city water systems to help tooth decay?

I do not believe that anything is added to help tooth decay. Fluorides are added to fight (not help!) tooth decay.

Can tooth decay be genetic?

While it is not true that if your parents have a lot of decay, you will also have a lot of decay, it is true that there is a genetic predisposition to tooth decay. This simply means that you may have to work harder to maintain good oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay. Tooth decay is primarily a function of poor oral hygiene. Keep you mouth adequately clean, see your dentist and hygienist frequently, follow their advice, and you will likely experience less tooth decay.

What encourages tooth decay?

Tooth decay is caused by germs, so brush your teeth twice a day.

Can You Die From Tooth Decay?

You will not die from tooth decay, but you can die of complications such as an infection that goes to the brain or heart.

How does alkaline help fight tooth decay?

Alkaline neutralises acids that work towards tooth decay.

Does alcohol cause tooth decay?

If it is fizzy or a beer it will give a tooth decay.(if you drink too much)

What are the symptoms of tooth decay?

There are many symptoms associated with tooth decay. These symptoms include sensitivity, cavities, and in some cases degrees of tooth pain.

If one tooth decay then it causes to decay other?

No it does't!

Is tooth decay contagious?


Do lumineers decay your tooth?


Causes for tooth decay and its prevention?

acids cause tooth decay u can prevent from drinking acidy drinks

How does plaque cause tooth decay?

When you eat food it builds up and you dont brush u will get tooth decay

Does chocolate prevent tooth decay?

Nope, in fact it helps to cause tooth decay, because of all the sugar in it.