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Unix configuration is the process of tailoring a freshly installed version of Unix to your particular environment. Each Unix system may do that differently.

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Q: What is Unix configuration?
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Linux and Unix are managed through a series of text files?

Unix / Linux are both file based operating systems. The majority of configuration can be amended by system configuration files, although as the systems have developed more and more of this is automated and hidden from the user. User configuration files will normally reside under the /etc directory.

Which UNIX and Mac command displays information relating to IP configuration of an end system?

ifconfig -a

What command line utilities allows you to view internet protocol configuration on a unix or linux host?


How easy is it to modify UNIX?

Unix systems are highly modular. Most programs can be swapped out with a replacement just by replacing the binary. Configuration files are usually in plaintext format, although their formats can vary.

Where is the running configuration file stored?

You don't mention what you are looking for in terms of a "running configuration file". In Unix/Linux there are many of these. Most of them can be found in the /etc directory or its subdirectories but not all of them are located in /etc.

Which UNIX system directory contains configuration files such as the passwd file?

Configuration files are typically stored in the /etc directory. They can, of course, be anywhere the implementer wishes them to be as long as the process knows where to find them.

Which utility enables you to display a computer TCP IP configuration on a Linux unix system?

in GUI network manager in CLI ifconfig

What is the configuration required for single and multi users in Unix?

It is isn't a configuration difference to go between single user and multi-user modes in Unix. You use a different 'run' level for that. The 'init' levels can determine whether you are operating in a single user mode or a multiple user mode. Single user mode is usually reserved for system administration.

Why you like UNIX?

Unix is unique

What is uucp?

UUCP is the abbriviation of Unix to Unix copy. It is worldwide email system called UUCP or Unix to Unix copy.This email system was developed for the operating system called Unix.

What is the different between Linux and Unix?

Linux is Unix-like (in the sense that Unix inspired the Linux kernel), but Linux is not Unix (as Unix wasn't open-source or free in both aspects).

Is UNIX based on Linux?

No, but Linux is based on Unix since Linux is a Unix clone.

Where are the system administration's commands and configuration file are stored?

Most of the Unix command names are short, single words in lowercase. The commands are basically programs written in C. Traditionally, Unix system programs are stored in directories called /bin and /usr with additional programs usually used only by system administrators in /etc and /usr Many versions of Unix also have programs stored in /usr

In the field of computers what does the term ifconfig refer to?

Ifconfig stands for interface configuration. It is a system administration utility in Unix-like operating systems to configure, control and query TCP/IP network interface parameters from a command line interface or in system configuration scripts.

Who is Unix work performed by?

Unix work is performed by users of the unix system, for application and system programs, or anything that requires a Unix system.

What are the invisible files in unix?

No files are actually "invisible." However, certain files may not be displayed by default as a convenience to the user. These are setting / configuration files for programs in the user's directory.

What is a Unix Computer?

A computer that runs Unix.

What are the socket types in UNIX?

Unix commands

What is a Unix console?

A Unix console is a CLI interface through which to control or monitor a Unix computer.

Which operating system is developed first unix or Linux?

Unix was first; Linux is a clone of Unix.

Which is better solaris or unix?

Solaris is a specific version of Unix; the term 'Unix' refers to a classification, and several vendors provide a Unix-like environment. So, in a sense, Unix and Solaris are the same thing.

How is unix different from dos and windows?

Unix vs DOSUnix is multi-user, DOS is single-user.Unix is multi-tasking, DOS is single-tasking.Unix supports both CLI and GUI, DOS only supports CLI.Unix is an open source, DOS is proprietary.Unix vs Windows: If we take latest Windows version, almost all the feature are available in Windows which are in Unix but Unix is more robust.

What is the default Unix shell?

There is no "default" Unix shell. Different Unix vendors shipped different shells.

Which came first C or Unix?

Unix was created first. The C programming language was created for Unix.

What is Unix administration?

The operation and maintenance of a Unix system.