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Q: What is Usually modifies a verbbut can sometimes modify an adjective?
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Is views a noun?

I think it can be both - a noun and a verb. It depends on the context.1. His views are very controversial. - noun2. He views this as problematic. - verbBut I'm not a native, so I'm not sure my examples are correct.

How do you make sentences using noun and verbs together?

It's easy! A sentence isn't a sentence without a noun and verb, or a subject and verb! Here is some examples:Josh stepped on the grass carefully.Josh is the subject or noun.Stepped is the verb. The predicate is 'stepped on the grass carefully'.The predicate is the verb and everything else after the verb.Jenna ran across the fields.Jenna is the subject or noun.Ran is the verb. Predicate is 'ran across the fields.'Jessica covered herself in the thick blanket.Jessica is the subject or noun.Covered is verb.Can you find a sentence that doesn't contain it?Yes! But look at it closely!Get the ball!Get is the verbBut, there is no subject. This is because it is an imperative sentence and in this kind of sentence the subject - you - is impliedYou (understood)ALSOVerbs show actions - run, walk, eat - or states - like, know, believe.But we need to know who or what walks, runs or believes. Nouns are the the words that tell us this information.The word order for a basic English sentence is - Subject + verb + object.In the subject position we use a noun . This is the thing that does the action of the verb (which is in the verb position). In the object position we use another noun. This is the thing that 'receives' the action of the verb.For example: The dog ate the cake.subject = dog (The dog is full subject)verb = ate (past tense of eat)object = cake ( the cake is full object)If you ask the question who or what ate the cake? The answer is the dog, this is the subject.If you ask the question what did the dog eat? The answer is the cake, this is the object.