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Which wrestlers do you want to know about?

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Q: What is WWE wrestling real names?
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Wwe divas real names?

Most of the Divas wrestling names are their real ones but if you want to learn their exact names just look for them at wikipedia

Is tna real wrestling than WWE?

TNA wrestling can be real but its practically fake. Same with WWE.

Is WWE Raw real wrestling?

It is actually! raw stands for real athletic wrestling

Is WWE wrestling fake or real?

WWE is sometimes real but most of the time it is fake

Is WWE is real or acting?

WWE(world wrestling entertainment) is just acting not real.

What are the names of Names of wrestling promotions?

raw and smackdown on wwe

Can you make me a WWE wrestler in real life not in WWE games real life wrestling?


Can anyone tell what are the WWE superstars real jobs?

The wwe superstars real jobs are wrestling.

Is WWE real wrestling?

yes it is real. Real fighting and wreslting.

Is WWE wrestling real or fake?

well wrestling is real, because if Batista does the Batista bomb it will hurt.

Are the thumbtacks in WWE real?

All thumbtacks in professional wrestling are real....

What is the difference between real wrestling and fake?

real wrestling is WWE which can hurt alot but some is fake and TNA is almost entirely fake which is not as sore a real wrestling

Is wrestling a sport or a form of entertainment?

if it is wwe then it is a form of entertainment, but if it is real wrestling then it is a sport

Wwe real name?

World Wrestling Entertainment

Is WWE fake wrestling?

its real and yes its entertainment but i get that

Are WWE people real?

yes World Wrestling Entertainment superstars are real

What are the wrestlers names on wwe?

Their real names

What does raw stand for in WWE?

wwe's Monday night Raw stands for ( Real Athletic Wrestling )

Is wreslling real?

WWE wrestling matches are planned, as well as TNA impact. Other wrestling, such as UFC are real.

What is full form of wwe raw?

Real Action Wrestling

What do Americans most likely think are real?

WWE Wrestling

How do they make WWE wrestling real?

It's not real, so the question is kind of pointless.

Was WWF real before they change into WWE?

No. Wrestling has always been fake and always will be. Wrestling that is real (if you notice) is a lot less organised.

Is half of wrestling fake?

Wrestling Can Be Fake and Real , TNA Wrestling is 50 Percent real and 50 Percent Fake , As For The WWE They Are Like 65 Percent Fake and 45 Percent real , ECW Was all Real In The Ring but Was Staged , Wrestling is both Fake and Real.

What is the difference between the WWE and the WWF?

wwe is world wrestling entertainment and wwf is world wrestling federation. also in the WWF it was more real and it was in the attitude era. Now with the WWE it is almost completely acting.

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