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What is Washington state famous for?

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The state that has the name of a famous American?

The state that has the name of a famous American is the state of Washington. The capital of Washington is Olympia.

Washington state is historically famous for?

famous people

Famous cities in Washington?

Some of the famous cities in Washington state are: Olympia (the state capital), Seattle, Bellingham and Spokane.

Famous people from Washington state?

Washington State was admitted to the union on November 11, 1889. Famous people from Washington state include Bob Barker, James Caviezel, and musician Michael Carke.

What are some importaint famous people in Washington state?

george washington

What state is famous for producing apples?


What is Washington the state famous for?

sponge bob

Who is a famous author from Washington state?

A Famous author from Washington state is Steven Jay "Jesse" Bernstein. He was born Los Angeles, California in 1950 and moved to Seattle, Washington in 1967.

What state is beside Oregon?

Idaho (famous for its potatoes), Washington (is famous for being Washington I guess), Nevada (famous for Las Vegas), California (famous for its weather)

Who is most famous person in Washington state?

the president!

What is the most famous food in Washington state?


What is famous for Washington state?

The seeatle space needle

Which fruit is the state of Washington most famous for?

The Apple.

What is the state Washington famous for?

Apples, wine, evergreen state, Mount Rainier!

What is Washington state named for?

It was named after George Washington one of the famous US presidents.

What are famous landmarks in Washington state?

There are several famous landmarks that are located in Washington state. A few of the landmarks are the Space Needle, Seattle Art Museum, and the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Famous things in Washington state?

i will say the space needle

Who is a famous person in Washington State?

Dixie lee ray

What us state has a famous volcano?

Besides Hawaii, there are volcanos in Washington State and Alaska.

What are ten famous landmarks for Washington state?

1. Space Needle

Who are some famous athletes of Washington state?

There are many famous athletes from Washington state including Olympian Nathan Adrian, Travis Ishikawa of the San Francisco Giants, and former MLB player Billy North.

Why did they name a state after Washington?

its because there is a guy called wasington and he is very famous

Washington famous people?

There are many famous people who are from the state of Washington that include singers, actors, musicians, sports stars, and inventors. Kurt Cobain, Craig T. Nelson, Bill Gates, and Bing Crosby are among the famous people from Washington.

Are there any famous people that were born in Washington the state?

Some famous people from the state of Washington include Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen; professional bowler, Earl Anthony; and singer, Chris Ballew. Additional famous people from Washington are Glen Beck, Dew Bledsoe, Beverly Cleary, and Bing Crosby.

List of famous people who live in Washington state?

Many people have called Washington state home. Some of the celebrities who have called Washington home are Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, and George Clooney.