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What is Where The Wild Things Are?


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No, both of you are particularly wrong. I used to love the book and saw the movie.


The movie is about a boy named Max who is sent to his bedroom for unruly behavior by his mother after stomping on the kitchen table and not wanting to eat frozen corn. He bites his mother on the shoulder and then runs away and finds a small boat. He boards the boat and it takes him out to sea. He sketches his name in the side of the boat. He finds an island and docks his boat and then begins to climb up the steep side of the island. He finds a big bonfire with all the wild things. Carol, the main wild thing, is destroying all their homes because his lover, K.W., keeps leaving their little group. They meet Max and crown him king and then his famous line from the movie goes something like this, "LET THE WILD RUMPUS START!" and the wild things and Max celebrate. They build a big "fort" and Carol catches Max cutting a hole into it so he could have a place where just the king goes alone with SMALL doors. Carol throws a fit and gets angry and soon finds out Max really isn't a king. He loses his cool and rips Douglas's arm off, (it isn't that gross, just a little bird bone grows and dust falls out of his arm). Max apologizes to his friends and soon figures he has to go home. He leaves the island and sails back home. When he arrives safe and sound, his mother hugs him and watches him eat some cereal and drifts off to sleep.

It was a beautiful movie, I really liked it.


Carol - James Gandolfini

Alexander - Paul Dano

Judith - Catherine O'Hara

Ira - Forest Whitaker

The Bull - Michael Berry Jr

Douglas - Chris Cooper

K.W. - Lauren Ambrose

Mom - Catherine Keener

Claire - Pepita Emmerichs

Max - Max Records

Teacher - Steve Mouzakis

Mom's Boyfriend - Mark Ruffalo

Director - Spike Jonze