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Q: What is World war 2 binoculars 1987150 worth?
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How much are World War 2 binoculars worth 465885?

$100 see ebay

How much are Japanese world war 2 binoculars worth?

scope pilot 8x30 number 280291

What are world war 2 German 10x80 anti-aircraft binoculars worth?

Try Snyder's Treasures -- Military Optics depends on model

What is a newspaper from World War 2 worth?

what is a 1945 world war 2 newspaper worth.

What kind of binoculars did Germany use in World War 2?

Zeiss 6X30 power were standard issue to officers

Why weren't allowed to buy binoculars in world war 1?

because the government didn't want people spying on the military bases.

What are the release dates for Auction Kings - 2010 Bomb Squad Suit World War 1 Binoculars?

Auction Kings - 2010 Bomb Squad Suit WWI Binoculars was released on: USA: 16 May 2013

Is a world war 2 uniform worth money?

Yes, a world war two uniform of worth money, but I'm not sure how much

What is the value of a World War I commemorative colt 45?

What is World War 1 Commemorative worth

Are the flight instruments from World War 1 or World War 2 worth more?


How do you identify German world war 2 binoculars?

My father brought some home from WW 2 and there's a Nazi sign stamped into them.

Was World War 2 worth the loss?


What is your Old Japanese money worth?

I have world war 2 japanese money what is it worth

What is a World War 2 case knife worth?

if the knife is with it, it is worth 800 dollars

How much is German money from World War 2 worth?

1000000 in the world

What was five dollars worth in world war 2?

five dollars were really crappy in world war 2

How much is a 1941 - 1945 World War 2 silver dime set worth?

A world war ii silver dime set is worth 20 dollars

Where can you cash in a war bond from World War 1?

yes, but its probably worth more as it is.

What are World War 2 pennies worth?

about $2 dollars.

What is a world war 2 bullet worth?

It is 500 dollars.

What is a world war 2 album worth?

about £10-£15!

What is a 1945 World War II canteen worth?


What is pictures of world war 2 worth?

Two dollars

You have World War 2 binoculars from great grandpa how much can they be?

More information is needed before an answer can be given. What country did they come from? What year, who made them, condition etc.

What is a cott from World War 2 worth?

They are worth 200 to 300 dollars according to there condition.