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Zombie : Child Process Exits before Parent process and Parent does not grab status of child process using wait() or waitpid() system call; Child process is in Zombie state.

Orphan : Child process whose parent has been killed and inherited by init process.

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Q: What is Zombie Process and Orphan Process?
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What is the difference between zombie and orphan?

A zombie is a mythical creature, a dead human that's somehow woken up and moves about again. An orphan is a child that has lost both parents.

Who is the parent of the zombie process?

zombie processes are inherited by the 'init' process (PID 1)

What is zoombie process?

A zombie process is a process that has finished running, but is still there.

What is a zombie process in Linux?

A zombie process is one that should have closed, but is still active in the process table. This is usually caused when a parent process that spawned the process has not yet realized that it has completed, or wants to create another process of the same name without using the same process ID.

How can you find orphan process on Solaris?

If processes run on nodes that have derailed so to speak or the tm.watched yk has been activated, the process is considered orphaned. The watch deamons are set to kill the orphan process on default.

What is the parent process ID of an orphan process in UNIX?

Usually any orphaned process is owned by the 'init' process (process #1)

When is a zombie process an issue?

in the graveyard

How does a child process become a Zombie process?

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What is zombie state in Unix?

A zombie process is a process that completed execution but still in process table. When a process ends, all of the memory and resources associated with it are deallocated so they can be used by other processes. However, the process's entry in the process table remains. The parent can read the child's exit status by executing the wait system call, at which stage the zombie is removed After the zombie is removed, its process ID and entry in the process table can then be reused. However, if a parent fails to call wait, the zombie will be left in the process table. In some situations this may be desirable, for example if the parent creates another child process it ensures that it will not be allocated the same process ID.

What is zombification?

A zombification is the act or process of turning into a zombie.

What is known by the allowing process that are logically runnable to be temporarily suspended?


Could a zombie outbreak happen?

i personally belive yes check out my page GLitch378 No, despite the zombie apocalypse depicted by hollywood. Being a zombie is not a contagious condition - you do not become a zombie by being killed by a zombie or by simply being dead. It requires a voodoo priest to make each and every zombie and the process is not trivial.