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The process of aerial navigation involved taking repeated position readings using everything from maps to celestial observation. Celestial fixes were made using star charts based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The Army Air Forces adopted it not only for navigation but also for timing its worldwide operations. World War II navigators lived by it. Their premission "time hacks" took on the solemnity of religious rituals, and GMT bound the faithful together like some secret password. Army Air Forces navigators from Italy to the Far East could tell you to the second what time it was in that little town near London. Since Greenwich, England is the site of the "zero meridian," they called GMT "Zero Time" or simply "Z- Time." In the phonetic alphabet that the flyers of the time used to make themselves understood on their radios, "Z" became "Zebra." When the alphabet was changed, the call sign became "Zulu."

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Q: What is Zulu time?
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What time is 0930 zulu in Afghanistan?

Subtract 4.5 hours from local time in afghanistan which is the difference from gmt(zulu)time and thats your zulu time in afghanistan.

Pst vs zulu time?

PST is at Zulu -8 hours. Zulu is the military reference for GMT - Greenwich Mean Time.

What is the Time difference between mountain time and Zulu time?

Mountain Daylight Saving Time is 6 hours behind Zulu Time. Mountain Standard Time is 7 hours behind Zulu Time.

What is the difference between mountain time and zulu time?

Add 7 hours to Mountain STANDARD time to get Zulu (or GMT time) Add 6 hours to Mountain DAYLIGHT time to get zulu

Is military time and zulu time the same?

No, military time and zulu time are both read on 24 hour clocks, but military time is just how you say what time it is. Military time could be in any time zone. Zulu time is a global time and it is calculated depending on where you are in the world. Zulu time is based in Greenwich, England.

What is the meaning of Zulu time?

Zulu time is also knows as Universal Coordinated Time. It is usually expressed in terms of a 24 hour clock. Zulu time is the primary time standard used by the military.

What is Zulu time right now for Illinois?

In Illinois local time minus six (-6) hours is Zulu time.

Is GMT Tango Time?

No, it is Zulu time.

What time is Zulu time?

"Zulu" was the military phonetic word for "Greenwich Mean Time". The The term "Lima" was sometimes used to refer to "local time".

What is Zulu hours?

Zulu time is the military term for Greenwich Mean Time. It is the time in Greenwich, England. So if you are underway on a ship at sea, and all of the Navy uses GMT, if you say, "at 1900 hrs Zulu we are going to ........" Then all the forces anywhere in the world can know that at 1900 Zulu this will occur and they will all be on the same page no matter what time zone they are in. 1900 Zulu is the same time in the Pacific as it is in the Atlantic.

What is 1900 zulu time in military time?


If the time is 1200 Zulu time what time is it pacific time?

its chico time

What is the difference between Zulu time and Eastern time?

Zulu (GMT) is four hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Time, five hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

When does a unit use time zone Zulu in an oplan opord?

Use time zone ZULU (Z) unless the order states otherwise

How does zulu time work?

Zulu Time - or Greenwich Mean Time is just an agreed standard that all other time zones relate to. So rather than a submarine commander having to worry about what time it is in Pearl Harbor and what time in Washington DC - Zulu time as the world standard is used to avoid confusion.

What time is 12Z on a weather terms on a map?

zulu time

What is the longitude of time zone Z?

Zulu Time = UTC

Why is GMT called Zulu?

Because it's +- 0 (Zero) hours GMT. Since the phonetic alphabet pronunciation of "Z" is "Zulu," it's called Zulu time.

What time is the standard for operations across several time zones?


What are two other names for Greenwich mean time?

universal time and zulu time

What time is 1430 zulu in Afghanistan?

1900 AFT

What kind of technology did the Zulu use?

The ancient Zulu people had spears and shields, during the time that the british were using the maxim gun.

What is the time difference between zulu and eastern standard time?

Zulu, Indiana, USA is in the North American Eastern Time Zone. They are on Eastern Standard Time (EST) from November to March and one hour ahead of EST from March to November.

What time zone is used at the South Pole?

Greenwich Mean Time. Also known as Zulu time.

What is the plural of Zulu?


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What is 1900 zulu time in military time?

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