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What is a 1918 D penny with an off center strike worth?


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All error coins need to be seen for an accurate assessment. The value greatly depends on the condition of the coin and how far off-center the strike is. Take it to a coin dealer.


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1918 is not a rare date for Lincoln cents. In circulated condition, it's worth about 5 cents. A nice uncirculated one is worth about $20

1918 wheat penny in circulated condition is not difficult to find.

For coins in similar condition, the 1918 Australian Penny would be worth much more than the 1917 Australian Penny. An 1859 Australian Penny was never minted. The first Australian Penny was issued in 1911. With the possible exception of traders tokens (with the traders business name on them), there were no "Australian" pennies minted prior to 1911. The only Pennies circulating in Australia prior to 1911 were British Pennies.

You need to include what country the stamp is from before an price can be given

Depends, does it jsut say 1918 on it? If so then it's worth $1.75 If it says 1918-D then it's worth $8.00 If it says 1918-S then its worth $7.50 But if it says 1918-D 8 over 7 its worth.................................$550!

Please check your coin, such a coin does not exist. Queen Victoria died in 1901, King George V was on the throne in 1918.

1918 Lincoln with no mintmark, average value is 10 to 50 cents.

Hank Penny was born on September 18, 1918, in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Between $1.30 and $9.30. In the future please add a condition of the coin so I can value it more precisely for you.

1918 George V Bronze Pennies were struck in large numbers. If the coin is a 'normal' 1918 with no letters to the left of the date it could be worth between 50p and £60-£70 in mint state. If the penny has the small letter H to the left of the date (referring to the Heaton Mint of Birmingham where smaller numbers were struck) it could be worth from £2 up to £500 in mint state. If the penny has the small letters KN to the left of the date (referring to the King's Norton Metal Company of Birmingham where smaller numbers were struck) it could be worth from £5-£10 up to £750 - £800 in mint state.

Penny Gill was born on February 16, 1918, in West Haven, Connecticut, USA.

What is a 1918 one centavo filipinas coin worth?

What is a 1 dollar bill from 1918 worth? It is: B3190318A Series of 1918 printed May 18, 1914

it really depends. if its an Indian head penny its probably a dollar. a penny with Lincoln is a really a penny because Lincoln went on the penny in about the mid 1900's.

Center Street Bridge was created in 1918.

There are no documented or known defects on 1918 Australian Pennies, that I can find. An uncirculated coin in mint condition could be worth quite a few thousand dollars. The only slightly unusual thing about them is that there were minted in Calcutta, India.

How much is a 1918 dime worth

The players were on strike during the season.

Southwestern Vermont Medical Center was created in 1918.

They stopped putting the VDB on the back of the penny in 1909, the same year they started it. In 1918 the VDB was again placed on the cent but it is located on the obverse [heads] side along the rim at Lincoln's right shoulder. It is still there today although it can be difficult to see if the die has been used to strike a lot of coins.

* Burston Strike School (1914-1939) * Police Officers Strike (1918-1919) * Battle of George Square (1919)

Between $1 and $9.30, depending on condition. Next time, if you include more information (the coin's approximate condition, if it is circulated or not, etc.) I can give you a more precise value.

Frank Staff has written: 'The Penny Post 1680-1918'

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