What is a 1963 bonanza lunch box and thermos worth?

It depends more on the condition of the box, and whether or not it still includes the thermos.

I've seen a Bonanza lunchbox in pristine condition (little to no signs of fading/wear/age) with the thermos for over $450.00. And this was a late 60's Bonanza lunchbox...made in the time AFTER Adam left, you know, when the show began to suck. I imagine that a lunchbox made in an earlier time (when the show was better) would go for more, but again, depending on the condition of the box and the condition of it's thermos. I've seen the more used looking ones, fading, rust, scratches, dents, parts of the label rubbed off, thermos missing, etc, sell for much less...In the 40-100$ range. If the thermos is in fine condition, I've seen that ALONE sell for 100$! Crazy, right? lol. All I have is a general idea, I aint' no pawn star lol.