Movie and TV Memorabilia

Movie and TV memorabilia are souvenirs of movie or television personalities and items associated with them. These could be posters, tickets, clothing, and even properties owned by actors.

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Romantic Movies
Movie and TV Memorabilia
Gone with the Wind

How much is a set of VHS tapes new of Gone With the Wind?

Look on eBay

Romantic Movies
Movie and TV Memorabilia
Gone with the Wind

How much are Gone With the Wind series collector plates?

As of May 10, 2014, the price of Gone With the Wind series collector plates vary depending on age and condition. The plates can cost upwards of 40.00 dollars.

Movie and TV Memorabilia

Where can you buy the Inception Spinning Top?

You can try Amazon or eBay.

Humor & Amusement
Movie and TV Memorabilia

Where did the shooting of hellcats take place?

The pilot episode was filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

Classic Movies
Movie and TV Memorabilia

Where is the original Willy Wonka costume?


Movie and TV Memorabilia

What happened to topper movie car?

I have seen this car on Foothill Blvd. in Monrovia CA. It has been slightly altered since the movie as it was used in a Bob Hope film later. Still a cool looking car. In great condition, runs and drives.

Movie and TV Memorabilia

What happens in the condemned?

10 criminals from different parts of the world are all awaiting the death penalty. A tv producer named Breckel wants to create a show to be aired on the internet that will beat the amount of superbowl viewers from the year before which was 40 million viewers. So he ends up purchasing the 10 criminals which includes 2 Americans in particular one who is named Jack conrad (played by Steve Austin). He puts them in a competition with each other where one of the contestants will win there freedom along with money. Each contestant has a bomb put around there ankle with a timer set to explode in 30 hours. The contestants are sent to a deserted island in the south pacific to battle each other where the ultimate goal is to kill the other 9 contestant in whatever way possible to win your freedom. The bombs each have a red pullswitch where once its pulled the bomb will explode after a 10 second delay killing the person wearing it. Each contestant is thrown out of a helicopter on to a separate part of the island. The first contestant dies after being thrown off the helicopter as he came down he landed on a thick branch of a tree that ended up going in through his back and coming out of his chest. Jack has his first encounter with a man who comes up from behind, Jack is able to stop him before he try's anything. Jack ask the man if he was following him the man says no that he is trying to find his wife. Jack lets the man go and the man gives Jack keys to unlock the chains that jack was still wearing before leaving to find his wife. While the competition continues an FBI agent stumbles on to the website where viewers log on and pay to watch. He is able to find out that conrad's real name is Jack Riley. Who was captured in el salvador after going under cover to stop some drug dealers where he blew up there building ultimately to stop them but his cover was blown and he had been in the prison in el salvador ever since and no one did anything about it. Jack after exploring the island a bit is attacked at the top of the mountain by another competitor the tallest one in the event. He attacks Jack but Jack is able to knock him down and tells him if he stays down they don't got a problem. The big man gets up and attacks. Ultimately both jack and the big man stumble down the side of a mountain. Before stopping right next to the edge of the cliff where if either fall off they will die. As both men fight they both notice a red pullswitch hanging on the bush next to them. They then both realize the big man's bomb has been activated and has about 8 seconds left till detonation. The big man is on top of Jack and try's to hold him down so Jack will die along with him. Jack end's up grabbing a stone on his side and smashes it to the side of the big man's skull and while dazed Jack kicks the big man over the cliff and while falling in mid air the bomb explodes leaving a massive ball of fire in the air. The FBI agent contacts Jacks wife and tells her what was happening and she uses a computer in her friends bar to watch the event to see jack who she believed had left her. Two more competitors named Ewan McStarley, and Saiga have decided to team up. They end up attacking the husband and wife who were just reunited. The husband tells the wife to run while he fights Ewan but during the fight Saiga attacks the wife the husband turns around to look at whats happening and suffers a broken leg after Ewan take's a tree stump and smashed it into the back of the husbands knee. Both Ewan and Saiga take tuns messing with the wife as the husband is trapped and desperately look's on before escaping while his wife is killed by the bomb exploding. Jack befriends the husband of the couple, and finds out the man's wife has already been killed by Ewan and Saiga. The husband ask Jack if he can kill Ewan and Saiga for him. Jack ends up ripping a piece of his shirt to cover up his bomb after he realized the bomb has a gps tracker on it. After covering up the bomb conrad heads for the tower at the camp where Breckel and his team are at. Jack infiltrates the camp and heads to a tower taking out the two men gaurding it and calls his wife. After a short talk he gives up the longitude of the island and ultimately is spotted by the security staff who ultimately chase him off. Jacks wife tells the FBI what jack said and the U.S. navy is sent to find the island. As jack returns he finds his friend getting beat up and ultimately killed by Ewan McStarley and saiga. The following morning 6 competitors have been killed 1 by accident, 1 by weapons which where dropped by the helicopter for competitors to use, and 4 by the bombs including the 2nd American. Ewan McStarley, Saiga, Jack and a woman named Yasantwa are the only one's left. Jack ends up battling Saiga, and Ewan and eventually is chased into a bunker. while in the bunker hes attacked by Yasantwa who was hiding in there. As JAck is trying to fight back a jar bomb is thrown into the bunker by Saiga and the bunker start's to go up into flames. Ewan shoots an arrow into the bunker and hits Yasantwa in the back. Jack finds a sewer passage and opens it up and try's to help Yasantwa to get out. She fights thinking jack is trying to harm her and pulls the pullswitch on her bomb. Jack goes into the sewer as the bunker explodes and everyone thinks he's dead. Ewan and Saiga decide it's time to do battle and whoever wins, will be the victor. Jack eventually re-appears and ends up stabbing Saiga while Ewan runs. Jack follows Ewan and both end up jumping into a canyon with water in it. As Jack gets out of the water there's no sight of Ewan he see's a bag being dropped and goes to it. But Ewan reaches it first and pulls the shotgun out. As the two men meet Jack is immediately shot at and end's up ducking for cover. Which ultimately leads him to slipping and falling down a cliff into water and everyone believes he is dead. Ewan is declared the winner and is picked up and brought to the camp. Breckel is warned by his head of security that the navy has spotted them and Breckel decides he has to leave and gets his helicopter ready to leave in 15 minutes. One of Breckels workers who has been torn in between whether or not this was a good idea over hears the news and is not happy that Breckel was going to turn his back on everyone, and threatens to tell the other workers whats going on and breckel ends up killing him. Ewan arrives and Breckel removes the bomb but decides not to give Ewan the money due to Breckel allowing him to win by virtue of giving him every weapon during the tournament. Jack eventually ends up waking up and heads for the camp. Ewan is with two workers who are smoking cigarettes. He asked if he could have one. As the workers are lighting up the cigarette he ends up killing them. He grabs one of the workers guns and goes into the building where all the workers are and ends up killing them. Jack makes it to the gate and enter's he gets down to one knee to check on the worker's who are dead but ends up having a gun put to his head. Its breckel and his head of security. Breckel thanks Jack for a good show and Jack says the show ain't over. Jack ends up attacking the head of security and shoots him before realizing Breckel has run away. Jack heads into the building and Before Ewan can kill the last person alive which was Breckels girlfriend Jack puts a gun to his head stopping him and tells him to sit. Ewan explains he didn't ask to be in this game. After explaining what he has gone through as a soldier jack ends up shooting him. Jack now grabs two machine guns and runs to the helicopter's location. Breckel is just getting on board. After noticing Jack he tells the pilot to take off. Jack emptys all rounds on the helicopter but with no luck. Breckel thinks he's home free until His girlfirend shows up and hands Jack the bomb that was around Ewans leg but never deactivated. Jack pulls the pullswitch and throws it towards the helicopter. It lands a few seats away from Breckel and before he can reach it, it explodes engulfing the helicopter and sending is crashing into a cliff creating a massive explosion before falling to the water below. Jack is handed the key from Breckels girlfriend to take off the bomb before she walk's away. After that Jack is in a cab that's taking him home. His wife notices the cab driving up the driveway and comes out to see who it is. Once the cab drives away she realizes its Jack. Jack looks back at her and gives a smile as the movie ends.

Movie and TV Memorabilia

What actress is on the first Scream movie poster?

Drew Barrymore.

Music Collecting
Movie and TV Memorabilia

How can you find the value of old movie posters?

By searching for them online or going to a pawn shop and findin out what they'd be worth. Got that idea off of pawn stars

Also, many antique dealers specialize in and are familiar with vintage posters. Check your local listings perhaps?

Action & Adventure TV Shows
Movie and TV Memorabilia
Gunsmoke (TV and Radio Show)

Did James Arness of Gunsmoke first wife commit suicide?

yes, but not until years after their divorce

Movie and TV Memorabilia

Where is little caprice from?

Czech Republic

Movie and TV Memorabilia

What are the names of the green and blue dragons in the movie How do you Train your Dragon?

There are actually two green dragons from the movie How to Train Your Dragon. One, is the Hideous Zippleback, which has two heads and the other is the Terrible Terror, which is the tiniest of all the dragons. As for the blue dragon, that is a Deadly Nadder.

There is also the brown dragon, a Gronckle; the red dragon, a Mysterious Nightmare and the black dragon [Toothless], a Night Fury.

Movie and TV Memorabilia

How much are old movie reels worth?

That depends on the condition, the movie itself, if its an original, and sometimes just how willing someone would be to buy an old movie reel. Theres no set prices on old stuff. Hence auctions, ebay, etc.

Postage and Shipping
Shirley Temple
Movie and TV Memorabilia

Is a post card with Shirley Temple on it worth anything?

yes it's worth about 600 dollars depending it's condition

Without autograph vintage postcard as little child 8-10 Euro's each, 10-12 US $, that's the right price.As a adult much less 4-6 Euro's.

Movie and TV Memorabilia

Where do you buy 'The Wizard of Oz' slot machine?

You can't!

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Drama TV Shows
Movie and TV Memorabilia

What is the name of a movie which is about a innocent man in prison becomming a gentleman in prison by an old man where they later escapes prison but the old man dies BEFORE?

The Count of Monte Cristo.

Baby Names
Movie and TV Memorabilia

What is the baby's name in The Addams Family Values?



Movie and TV Memorabilia
Phineas and Ferb
Disney Channel

Why did Phineas yell out wait after Isabella kissed him in Phineas and Ferb Across The Second Dimension?

it was because he wanted to tell isabella if she had a crush on him.

Movie and TV Memorabilia

Is there going to be a metal gear 5?

yes hideo kojima said that the series will continue but this time solid snake will not be the hero however in an interview hideo kojima said that a new metal gear game called metal gear solid rising will be released soon and raiden wil be the potogenst 9hero0 of the game

Movie and TV Memorabilia

How many languages does c3p0 speak?


Movie and TV Memorabilia

What is the value of the 1954 Gone With the Wind movie poster?

Like any collectible, it is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. One person may pay ten times what someone else would pay, so your best bet is to contact as many collectors as possible.

Star Wars Movies
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What is the biggest battle in star wars?

I'd say, the obi vs anakin in 3

Movie and TV Memorabilia

Where can you buy a poster of MTV's Rob and Big?

Go to: They have any poster you can think of! All for great prices!

Arts and Crafts
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What is the value of a VZOR 70 CAL 765?

Need a DETAILED description of ALL markings, barrel length, sights, stock material, finish, overall condition, box, papers, etc..

Art Collecting
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What is the value of an Ullman Manufacturing Company New York copyright 1902 of a lady sitting in a boat with a pink dress?

The Ullmann Manufacturing Co. were very prolific lithographers around the turn of the century. Because the work was popular and turned out in mass quantity, it is not particularly rare, although the great variety of subject matter makes them fun to collect. Many prints of their work are for sale online, and the current prices range from $3 to about $20, depending on the subject matter. Obviously, the more unusual the artwork, the higher the price, although none are sky-high. There were just too many of them made.

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