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100-1000 depending on specifics

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What is a lazermark wetherby 300 magnum worth?

approx. 1600-1900 NIB w/ 5 panels engraved

What is your 300 weatherby magnum worth?

100-1000 USD

What is a Taurus model 66 357 magnum worth?


Worth of Herter's 357 magnum serial H44XX?


What is a herters j9 super delux 300 Winchester magnum worth?

$200-$300. depending on condition.

How much is a arminius 357 magnum worth?

100-300 USD or so

What is National Wild Turkey Federation 300 Weatherby Magnum mint condition worth?

The National Wild Turkey Federation 300 Weatherby Magnum is a type of hunting gun. In mint condition, it is worth thousands of dollars.

What is a ruger 22 single- six magnum worth 264-28355 worth?


How much is a buffalo arms model 357 magnum worth?

100-300 USD

What is 300 weatherby magnum vanguard worth?

200 to 1,000 depending on the stock and condition.

What gun is worth more Mini 14 SS or 300 Win. Mag?

Depends on who made the 300 Winchester Magnum.

What other brand of 300 magnum ammunnition is safe to fire in my weatherby 300 magnum?

None. the term "300 Weatherby Magnum" is not merely a brand, it IS the caliber of the cartridge (no matter who makes it) It does NOT interchange with the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge.

What is your model 721 300 h and h magnum manufactured in 1951 worth?

NOTHING............Its a Remington

How much is a rossi 44 magnum single shot rifle worth?

100-300 USD

What is a ruger 44 magnum carbine worth year 1967?

Depending on condition, $300-$450.

What is a used Taurus 357 Magnum 6 inch barrel worth?

Probably around $300.

Value of Remington 300 weatherby magnum?

Value of a weatherby .300 magnum made in germany

How much is a police service six 357 magnum cal pistol worth?

100-300 USD

Was the 1949 Win M70 300 HH stamped 300 Magnum?

The 300 Winchester Magnum was not introduced until 1963. So yes most likely it is the H&H. I would do a chamber cast to make sure though. Both the .300 Win Magnum and the .300 H&H Magnum were standard calibers for the Model 70 in that era, with the .300 Win Magnum the more rare of the two. If your rifle is only stamped ".300 Magnum" it is more likely the .300 Win Magnum. You will want to have the chamber cast and the caliber verified before attempting to fire the rifle. I am lucky enough to own a pre 64 model 70 win,in the 300h&h.It is stamped 300 H&h Maginum.If your gun is stamped 300 Magnum , it is probally a 300 win mag.

Brass rounds western 300 magnum holland cartridges with original how much are they worth?

.50-5.00 USD

What is the price range for a browning patient 300 magnum rifle?

What is the price range for a browning patient 300 magnum rifle?

How much is a 44 magnum stainless steel 10 inch barrrel Va dragoon worth?

100-300 USD

What is a Winchester model 70 xtr sporter 300 weatherby magnum worth?

Depending on condition anywhere from $350 to $500.

How much is a Armi jager 357 magnum Buntline with 16 inch barrel worth?

50-300 USD or so

What is a Taurus UC876413 357 magnum worth?

$100-$300. The serial number alone does not tell us the model or condition.

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