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What is a 25 cent Canadian coin worth 1991?

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If the coin is a Proof coin it is worth about $20 USD. If it is not a proof coin and is uncirculated it is worth about $12 USD. (2/28/2010)

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1980 canadian one cent coin worth?

A 2009 Canadian 10 cent coin is still worth 10 cents.

It is worth what its face value is.

yes there is such thing as a Canadian 50 cent coin i have one

A 1919 Canadian Penny is worth 50 cents.

It's worth face value - 1 cent. Unless there is something unusual abt the coin or uncirculated, it won't be worth more than a penny.

At most $4, for its silver content.

It is worth about 513357 canadia dollars.

about $1-$10 depending on condition.

a 1917 5 cent piece would be about 100 dollars

it is worth I cent to the banks, so spend it and buy a coin book!

At current exchange rates, a Canadian quarter is worth about the same as an American quarter.

It's worth one dollar in Canada.

A 1961 Canadian 25-cent coin can be worth about $6. A coin's actual value would be based on the silver market at the time of purchase or sale.

It's worth 2 cents for the copper.

a 1940 penny is 15- 65 cents

Its value depends on date and condition.

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