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Q: What is a 5 letter word that only appears 4 times in the Bible?
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What word appears in the bible only three times?

"Godhead only appears three times in the bible.

What is a 8-letter word in the King James Bible?

None.The only word which appears 209 times in the King James version isthe word - serve - appears 209 times

How many times does the word disciple appear in the Bible?

The word 'disciple' or 'disciples' appears in the Bible 294 times.

How many times is 'only' mentioned in the Bible?

In the King James version the word - only - appears 253 times

Does the word whale only appear in the bible four times?

it never appears

What is a five lettered word that only appears in the King James Version Bible four times?

Jesus and Bible

What word appears only 4 times in the bible?

There are numerous words which only appear four times in the King James version, far too many to list here.Of words which begin with the letter "A" only......AbarimabaseabasedAbiaAbiahAbinoamacceptethaccompaniedAchsahAchzibactadderaddethAdinadornedadulteressadulterousadvancedadvantageagesAhiahAhimanAlleluiaAlphaalterambassadoramissAmmonitessAnnasantichristapostleshipapothecaryappealedappetiteapplyappointmentaptArabianArahArimathaeaArpadarrogancyascentAshanaspsass'sassayedAttaiattendanceavailethAzgadAzubah

What five letter word appears in the King James Version of the Bible only twice?


How Many Times is you are the Lord in the Bible?

The phrase 'You are the Lord' appears 3 times in the NIV Bible. This only appears in the Old Testament in Nehemiah 9:7, Jeremiah 3:22, and Jeremiah 31:18.

How many times is conquer mentioned in the Bible?

The word "conquer" appears in the KJV bible only once (REV 6:2).

How often does the word eternity appear in the bible?

The word 'eternity' appears four (4) times in the KJV Bible.

How many times is submissive used in the bible?

In the King James version the only forms of the word are the word - submit - appears 12 times the word - submitted - appears 3 times the word - Submitting - appears once