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Why do watches have jewels?

Answer . The "jewels" in a jeweled movement watch are not the ones that you see on the outside. Polished jewel "bearings" are created for the moving parts inside the watch. If all of the moving parts were "metal on metal", the watch would wear out much sooner. Jeweled movement watches last longe ( Full Answer )

How much is a 15 jewel elgin pocket watch worth?

Answer . a lot depends on the pocket watch such as the year of it the gold value the amount of gold you need to run the s/n from then back inside of the watch though a online database, it could honestly run from 20 to 10,000 dollars.

What is 17 jewel watch?

The shaft ends of the faster moving wheels and gears have conical points that ride in small jewels (ruby usually). This assures minimum friction for the movement. The "odd" number jewel is at the back of the second hand.

Is a watch with a higher number of jewels best?

Not necessarily. The jewels, often rubies, are intended to provide almost frictionless operation of moving parts. Their effectiveness depends on the quality of the jewels as well as the craftmanship with which the moving parts of the watch are manufactured and assembled.

How much is your 18 jeweled serkisof pocket watch worth?

Depends very much on age and condition. The 3602 movement was produced by Molnija (USSR) from about 1947 to a few years ago (if/when production ceased is not clear).. A variant on the standard soviet open faced Molnija was a 'badged' Serkisof with an embossed train & 'Serkisof - Demiryolu' (iron ro ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a Sears and Roebuck ladies 14K gold 17 jewel Tradition watch?

I am sorry I cannot help you, but I have a watch that sounds the same. It has a dainty little security chain that hangs from it as well. I believe it is white gold. If you find out anything, let me know and I will do the same. I believe this was from when sears and Roebuck were only putting out cata ( Full Answer )

What is a 17 jewel watch worth?

A 17 jewel watch is worth different amounts, depending on the makeand condition. As of 2014, a 17 jewel watch will most likely bringno more than 100 dollars.

How do you identify the number of jewels in a watch?

The number of jewels in a watch refers to the number of individual gears it contains. Other than opening it and counting, you may be able to look up the number by the make and model of the particular watch.

What does jewels mean in watches?

With the arrival of "The General Railroad Timepiece Standards" for a railroad watch in 1893 there was a well established relevance between the number of jewels a pocket watch possesses and its accuracy. Initially the railroad system adopted 17 jewel movements as the "minimum" necessary for the railr ( Full Answer )

What does 17 jewels on a watch mean?

Reducing friction is important to watchmaking. Instead of metal moving against metal, watch makers discovered that jewels cause little friction or wear. Jewels are hard and don't wear down very quickly. By the time of the American revolution, tiny doughnut shaped rubies were being inserted int ( Full Answer )

Why are jewels used in watches?

With the arrival of "The General Railroad Timepiece Standards" for a railroad watch in 1893 there was a well established relevance between the number of jewels a pocket watch possesses and its accuracy. Initially the railroad system adopted 17 jewel movements as the "minimum" necessary for the railr ( Full Answer )

I have a pocket watch ever Swiss Swiss made 17 jewels engraved on front with hunter and dogs and on back with dog alone. Does this have any value?

i have the SAME watch! my husband's late father gave it to him years ago, same description and I cannot find any info on it. please let me know what you come up with! Nothing yet. This watch has a floral design on the watch face with Roman Numerals. I have the same watch but with a man fishing o ( Full Answer )

How much is 15 jewel arnex pocket watch worth?

Arnex makes some wonderful watches. They have beautiful enamel work that really increases the value of the watch. The range of a Arnex can go from $20.00 to $2,000 but to really know you should have the watch appraised. A new or poor condition arnex is not going to be very valuable but a gold (not g ( Full Answer )

How much is a 7 jewel elgin pocket watch worth?

\n. \nTry finding the value of your 7 jewel elgin pocket watch with iTaggit's new tool ValueRange It. I searched it and found a value range of $25 to $326. Hope this helps. \n. \nAbout iTaggit\niTaggit is a trusted, simple web-based management system for valuing members’ household items and c ( Full Answer )

When was this made Parker watch 17 jewels?

From my research, I have discovered that the jewels, normally rubies, were in place by the time of the American Revolution. I saw stated they were made in the early 20th century, 1900's.

What does 25 jewels in a watch mean?

There are many categories of jewel movement, for example, 17 jewels, 21 jewels, or 25 jewels. The actual meaning of these numbers is just a representation on the number of rubies used within the mens watches Tiny synthetic gem crystals are set between many of the gears, in order to reduce friction. ( Full Answer )

How much is the jewel inside a rolex watch?

The jewel bearings inside a watch are quite expensive only because of the cost of performing the maintenance and repair required to replace them. They are, otherwise, not particularly valuable.

What does 12 jewels on a wrist watch mean?

In a watch, the jewels refer to bearings for the shafts of the various moving parts as well as the escapement. Jewels, as opposed to plain bushings, tend to be harder and lower friction and thus wear far less and also tend to make the watch run better. The 7 jewels is the minimum for a functional je ( Full Answer )

What does 21 jewels mean in automatic watch?

Jewels are used in watches at friction points. You can get them toa very fine point and they will not wear down like metal. So at apoint that a gear will be turning for days and days, they use ajewel. if they used metal the point would soon wear to a round nub.Like the end of a ball point pen. incre ( Full Answer )

Is a citizen automatic watch 21 jewel waterproof?

My experience is that the 21 jewel automatic watch, which I have (1972 model I think) is water resistant, but not water proof. Play safe and take it off. Cheers Jasper

What is the value of a Waltham pocket watch with serial numbers MJWC p 238 17 seventeen jewels?

The alphanumeric code you've provided, MJWC p 238 17 is a model number (not serial number) for a Waltham men's wristwatch manufactured between 1940 and the 1960s. You haven't provided enough information to hazard a guess on the value, but there are many Waltham watches from that era selling on eB ( Full Answer )

Do Cartier watches always have jewels in them?

You say in them and not "on them" so I assume you are talking about the movement. Hand-wound and automatic movements always have "jewels". They are man-made rubies used as friction-reducing bearings. A few high-end quartz movements also utilize these rubies, only not nearly as many.

What is the cpt code 62282?

Codes 62280 -- 62282 describe injection of neurolytic substances, with or without other therapeutic substances, when destruction of a nerve or nerve root is indicated for pain control. For spinal injection procedures performed with no associated diagnostic study, 76005 is also reported. Code 76005 d ( Full Answer )

How much is a majestime 17 jewel watch worth?

This will depend on the condition and age of the watch. There areexamples available on eBay and other auction sites. You can alsotake it in to get appraised.

What does 20 jewels on a watch mean?

Jewels in watch terms are gem bearings that were used within the mechanical assembly inside the watch to reduce friction. Many of the low to medium range watches produced commonly used garnet or quartz. Top quality mechanical watches used Sapphire, Ruby or Diamond bearings as the gems have a lower c ( Full Answer )

Which jewellers offered a bracelet charms design service?

A bracelet charms design service is offered by many high end jewellers.Some companies offering this service would be Theo Fennel of London, Stephen Einhorn of London and Joy Annett Designs of Ontario.

What does it mean when it says 17 jewels in a watch?

It just means there's 17 jewels in the movement. Typically jewelsare mostly used in mechanical watches. The jewels are tiny piecesof [usually manmade] rubies that serve as low-friction bearings incritical parts that move very quickly and very often. Usingtraditional materials may not work as the hig ( Full Answer )

What is nineteen jewels on a watch?

The numbers of jewels that are referred to in watch movements all depends on the make and manufacture of the watch. Certain companies like Waltham used extra jewels in the mechanisms of their watches, and 19 was referred to as a 19 jewel movement.