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The 122 model Filmo projector, is one of the oldest and best looking of the Bell & Howell line, but there is not much value there $ 25.00 $35.00 on ebay, a great display item, just no real monetary value.

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What is the value of a Bell and Howell Filmo Type S movie projector worth?

need to know what its worth

What is the value of a bell and howell filmo master projector model 295028?

The value is what you can get for it, as with any used item.

Is woody harelson in Back to the Future?

No, Back in the future is not in his filmo.

What are the Esperanto words for movie and film?

Both are translated as filmo.

How much is a Bell and Howell Filmo 75 camera worth?

The market will set a rate based on condition and demand. Slide by eBay and see if any are listed. Many (if not most) second hand dealers, antique stores, pawn shops and the like use eBay all the time to price stuff. ...and they would be making a mistake to do so. Ebay is not necessarily the ideal price guide for collectibles. It is reliable as a wholesale price guide for some things, and leads the market for others, so is useful as a pricing source only if you already know something about the broader market for items you are searching. Be aware also that if you use eBay for pricing, only completed sales have any meaning. Unsold asking prices are meaningless, as they are often based on wishful thinking or simple ignorance. The Filmo 75 usually has a general value range of around $150-$180, assuming it's in clean condition and functional. Condition is very important. Exceptionally clean condition may bring more, and any damage will reduce the value substantially.

What is an original Woodstock ticket worth never used and in excellent condition?


What is the value of a smith and Wesson model 19 in excellent condition?

Depending on the condition and if it is Nickel or Blue, with original box, they sell from $600-$900 in good to excellent shape.

What is a car from 1920 worth?

Depends on rarity (how many were produced overall) and current condition (original parts no damage). A 1920's in excellent, original condition could fetch you about $100k.

What is the value of a Browning Sweet Sixteen semi-automatic with a gold trigger and engraving in excellent condition?

Sweet Sixteens, whether Belgian or Japanese, in original excellent condition, are bringing over $1000.

What is the value of a Benjamin model 30 30 with original box in excellent condition?

They were made between 1962 to 1976. It Excellent condition it would be worth between $90 and $110 plus 15% for the box.

What is the value of a 16 gauge Fabrique National d'Armes de Guerre Herstal Belgique serial 34414 in good to excellent condition with a leather case?

1924. If in original, excellent condition, possibly as much as $800.

What is the value of a colt woodsman long rifle 22 cal in excellent condition in the original box with no logo?

Average model- about $500. Some scarce models of the Woodsman, in excellent condition, would bring twice that.

What is the value of Grandma's Game of Riddles?

It depends a lot on the condition but if it is the original from around the turn of the century in excellent condition, it should retail for around $50

What is the value of a Remington Model 580 .22 cal rifle in excellent condition and in the original box?

$ 375

What is value of a Belgium Browning 7mm in excellent condition with original leather case and a Leopold scope?

400 or so

What is the value of a Daisy Power line Model 1200 BB Pistol in Excellent working condition?

If the WORKING condition is Excellent. What condition is the pistol itself in. Is it also in Excellent condition or average condition

How much is a Winchester 1917 rifle worth serial number284399?

If it is all original and in excellent condition $750-850. In very good condition $550-600.

What is the value of a 1958 Winchester Model 94 that is in like new condition and only fired 7 times?

standard carbine excellent condition $1,000 good condition $700 more if you have original box

What year was the bell howell movie camera made?

The first Bell & Howell camera was produced in 1909. Only eight of the original wooden Bell & Howell cine cameras were produced.

You would like to know where to find the value of a Stradivari Spinet accordion made with mother of pearl in the 60s?

Ihave one in excellent condition, original case, original owner,

What is theValue of Browning BLR Model 81 308 cal rifle in excellent condition with original box?

500-700 usd

What is the value of a 7.65mm Mauser pistol and original holster both in excellent condition serial number in the 6000000 range?

around $500

What is the value of a smith and Wesson highway patrolman serial N 595533 in EXCELLENT condition and original box and manual?

Based on the serial number indicating an N frame, your handgun was likely make around 1980. In excellent condition It could be worth between $350 and $495, perhaps on the higher end if it has the original box and manual.

What is a crosman m1 in excellent to vg condition it's all original includes reservoir and lid that shoots well worth?

The M-1 was made between 1966-1976. In VG to Excellent condition it is worth between $105-$130. In like new condition it is worth between $130- $150

What is a browning A 500G shotgun worth?

Value is too difficult to be accurate without seeing the gun. Condition which includes the amount of original finish and original configuration will deterine value. Recommend taking it to a gun shop for appraisal. Gun is in excellent condition