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What is a Bio mechanical computer?

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Something that exists only in sci-fi stories. It would be a type of computer built from biological (probably neurological) components, not electronic components.

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What is the bio mechanical problem to be solve?

nothing it is the ...... TO BE CONTINUED............

What is the original clipping of the word bionic?

Bio mechanical

What is the definition of electro mechanical?

An electro-mechanical computer is a computer that uses relays.

How many types of electro- mechanical computer are there in history of computer?

There are 5 electro mechanical computer

Is mechanical branch tough or computer science branch?

computer science is tougher than mechanical.............

Are bionicles robots?

Actually, bionicles are bio-mechanical, which means they are living robots.

Are cyborgs real?

Actually,Cyborgs are real with bio-mechanical arms and legs (sometimes their heads are mechanical too), which makes them true.

What are the 4 basics periods of computer?

the 4 basic perods of computer are a. pre-mechanical b. mechanical c. electro- mechanical d. electronic

What is another name for analog computer?

mechanical computer

What do you mean by mechanical computer era?

evolution of computer

Who invented mechanical computer?


Was the Z1 a mechanical or electronical computer?

mechanical, but it did do floating point arithmetic.

Why can't I change my bio on the xbox 360?

You should be able to change your bio on the Xbox 360. It may be easier to log on a computer and change the bio from there.

Is a computer mechanical?

There have been mechanical computers in the past, but they were rare. Today the odds are good that any computer you encounter is digital.

Was the antikythera mechanism really the first computer?

it was an astronomical calculator. A form of mechanical analog computer. The nordon bombsight was also a form of mechanical analog computer.

What are biological transducers?

Such type of transducer which can covert bio energy into any other form like mechanical or electrical. Example are engine or crystal. Engine convert energy from bio-fossil fuels to mechanical and crystal like tourmaline into electrical oscillations.

What are the four basic periods in the history of computer?

The four basic periods in the history of computer are Pre-Mechanical,Mechanical,Electro Mechanical and Electronic FROM JULES RAYMON J JUDAYA

What would not considered to be a computer but is?

Mechanical computation is usually not considered to be a computer. So for instance a mechanical scale (the type with the sliding weights), performs a mechanical computation and displays the results for you.

What are the four periods of computer?

pre-mechanics mechanical electro-mechanical electronics

What is mechanical period in computer history?

it is just the mechanical period in the computer's history

What are bio degradable and non bio degradable substances?

Wood is an example of a Bio-Degradable substance. Bacteria will digest wood and return its chemicals to the soil. Glass is a Non-Bio-Degradable substance. It would have to be reCycled through mechanical processes, such as grinding, melting, etc.

How is the mechanical hound programmed?

By a computer

What distinguish a robot from a computer?

A robot is a mechanical or virtual agent, usually an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by a computer program. A robot's appearance or movements distinguish it from a computer.

What kind of work does a biomedical engineer do on a day-to-day basis?

Bio-mechanical engineering!

Where to buy bio clean in Edmonton?

T&P Mechanical Services 780-489-0777