What is a Browning Citori 'special trap' shotgun?

*The Citori Special Trap has these features: *Checked Stock and Forearm Grip *Oil Finish *Right Hand Palm Swell *1" Trap Recoil Pad *Stock fits "Short Tang" trigger guard Type 3 Citori only. *Browning suggests a price of $307 but it is offered for 25% less,or about $230, by some. *This firearm should have any and all work done and all parts installed by **PROFESSIONAL GUNSMITHS ONLY! *The following is a cut and copy from Browning's Official Site: *CITORI SHOTGUNS - THE PERFECT BLEND OF BEAUTY AND PERFORMANCE *No other shotgun enjoys the reputation of the Browning Citori. The Citori has earned this respect due to a high level of craftsmanship, reliable function, regal looks and sheer performance. Action components are machined to exacting tolerances, heat-treated for greater strength and carefully fitted with the traditional lamp-black-and-file method to ensure the precise fit of critical components prior to being assembled to the action. Wood-to-metal fit is paramount on a gun of this quality and with tight, consistent junctions the Citori doesn't disappoint. It is no wonder Citori owners take great pride in their guns. Take any Citori off the rack and see the fine fit and finish. Open and shut the action. Throw it to a shoulder. Sight down the barrels. Only then will it be fully understood why the Citori has gained a reputation as the finest over and under shotgun available. *Hammer Ejectors: Browning ejectors are fired by a sharp hammer blow. This strike gives more positive ejection than the push imparted on competitors