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What is a Christian upbringing like?

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I had a Christian upbringing. My parents were both involved in the church by the time I came along. My mom had been in the church since her birth, like me.

Children who are raised in Christian homes are usually baptised or dedicated to the Lord between birth and their toddler years (this depends on the family and their denomination). This means that the family and Christians around the family will work together to instruct and lead the child towards Christian principles.

Just like the majority of non-Christian children out there - little ones are taught to respect their elders, their friends, and animals. They are taught the Golden Rule (treat others as you would want them to treat you) and are punished for bad behavior ("spare the rod, spoil the child" - Proverbs 13:24). I was generally a good kid and had little problems with discipline.

If Christian parents so choose, they may put their children in a private, Christian school. I have been in private school since pre-kindergarten. This way, children are brought up in Christ-honoring places: home, school, and church.

Church is a very important place. Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, and Bible Memory Verses are the highlights I remember. I can quote many verses or know where to find them. It's just been ingrained in my head from school and church, and I am so thankful for that.

Once a child from a Christian home hits teen years, things can go crazy. Some teens rebel, especially if their parents were over-protective or ridiculously strict. That is not uncommon, but not the majority. There are many well-behaved, godly, and fun-loving teens out there. It depends, a lot, on if the child has a personal relatioship with Christ by this time or not. A child who loves the Lord for him/herself is less likely to push the boundaries beyond the normal expectations of teenager-hood. In conclusion, Adults who were raised in Christian homes tend to have a clearer understanding and a better foundation of Christianity, but in God's eyes are no different than adults who became Christians at 25, 35, or even 65.

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