What is a Coptic Christian?

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A Coptic Christian is a person who belongs to the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Coptic means Egyptian in the Coptic language (Evolved language from the Ancient Egytpian language). However since the Islamic/Arab conquest of Egypt, it refers to Christians, namely the Eastern 'Oriental' Orthodox sect.

The Coptic Orthodox church was founded by St.Mark and belongs to the Eastern 'Oriental' Orthodox church, not the Eastern Orthodox, because of a schism, heresy or misunderstanding between definitons on the nature of Christ.

The Coptic Orthodox church is headed by the Pope and Patriarch of all Alexandria, Pope Shenouda the Third. Note the word Pope was used by the Coptic church before the Catholic Pope asserted primacy, hence the title of Bishop of Rome. However it is not used in the same way as the Roman Catholics do, which means authority, but as the word 'father' in latin, while Patriarch is 'father' in Greek.

If you know nothing about Coptic Christians you may know that the Nicene Creed was written by one of its fathers. Rosary beads and Monastacism originated from one of its saints and most of the martyrs in Christianity were Coptic just to give an idea to other sects that may not be familiar.

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Q: What is a Coptic Christian?
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Was the pope of Rome a Coptic Christian?

No, the Coptic Christians are an Orthodox religion and have their own patriarch who they call a pope. The Catholic pope was never a Coptic Christian.

Can a coptic orthodox marry an evangelical?

No,Coptic Christians are not allowed to marry evengelical,Catholic,Muslim,Jews.etc..Coptic Christians are allowed to Marry Syrian Christian,Ethopian Christian,and sometimes a Greek Christian(It depends what this person believes in)All of these listed above are similar or even the same as the Coptic Orthodox Church.

What has the author Shenute written?

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Why would a person wear a Coptic cross?

A Coptic Cross is worn by a person when he or she is a member of the Coptic Church. This Christian religion is predominant in Ethiopia and Erithrea. Some Coptic followers are also found in Egypt.

What is the Christian minority in Egypt called?

They are Coptic Christians (Copts).

What religions are present in Egypt?

Mainly Islam and Coptic Christian.

Which nation in Africa is considered a major christian nation?

The Ethiopian nation - they are a "Coptic" Christian people.

When did the Coptic church begin?

Coptic Christianity began in Egypt about 55 A.D. It is one of the five oldest Christian churches in the world.

What is the native orthodox christian church in Africa?

The Coptic Orthodox Church

What is the Coptic Christian sign?

The sign of people that converted to the Egyption church

What has the author Samuel Al Syriany written?

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What is the Egyptian religion called?

90% of Egyptians are Muslin; 9% are Coptic Christian.

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