What is a DVD?

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A DVD (digital versatile disc) basically plays movies.

DVD stands (originally) for Digital Video Disc, or officially, Digital Versatile Disc. It was created as a high-density data medium for movie storage and playback within the home. The specifications for the format are released and maintained by the DVD Forum, which is a cartel of hardware manufacturers and other corporations with an interest in the digital entertainment content industry. A DVD is a 120mm optical disk, very similar in appearance to the earlier Compact Disc format. They key differences between DVD and CD are a much higher data density, and the ability to record up to two data layers per side of the disk.

DVD comes in a number of physical formats and sizes used for a variety of different purposes. The format usually used for movie releases is known as a DVD-ROM (Read Only Memory) indicating that data can only be read from the disk, not written to it. A number of slightly different technologies make recordable DVDs available. These include:

  • DVD-ROM Read Only Memory, which is typically stamped in a DVD press, not burnt, and can only be read from.

    Any mass-produced DVD title is on a DVD-ROM disk;

  • DVD±R Recordable, which can usually be written to once in a long, continuous write in a DVD burner;
  • DVD±RW Re-Writable, which are disks that are rated to be burned up to 100 times;
  • DVD-RAM Random Access Memory, which can be used almost like a portable hard disk, with any one spot on the disk surface rated to be written to up to 100,000 times.
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Q: What is a DVD?
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What is a DVD player?

A DVD player plays DVD's. A DVD Recorder records DVD's.

Are DVD drives and DVD burners the same thing?

They can be, but don't have to be. A DVD drive will play a DVD. A DVD burner will play and burn DVD's.

Can you burn a DVD with a DVD-RW drive?

Yes. DVD-RW drives can write to both DVD-R (DVD Recordable) and DVD-RW (DVD Rewritable) discs.

Can a DVD burner burn DVD-r but not DVD-rw?

A normal DVD burner should can burn both DVD-r and DVD-rw.

Can you rewrite on a DVD r disk?

No it is not possible to rewrite a DVD-r or DVD+r disc. The type of DVD that can do that is a DVD-rw or a DVD+rw

Can you burn from a DVD to a DVD?

You need a dvd drive and a dvd burner connecting ur computer simultaneously if you want to burn from a DVD to a DVD. In addition, you need a DVD copy software.

What are the main functions of Super DVD Creator?

Super DVD Creator is the easy way to create your DVD video disc with DVD Menu and DVD subtitles. Super DVD Creatorwas designed to convert and burn AVI to DVD, WMV to DVD, DivX to DVD, Xvid to DVD, RM RMVB to DVD, Asf to DVD, VOB to DVD, MPEG-1/2, MOV(Quicktime), MP4, 3GP, MOD files to DVD.

Can DVD rom write the DVD?

NO, DVD rom can only read DVD discs.

What DVD is better for recording DVD plus or DVD?

DVD-R is best to use for DVD players Aviosoft DTV can do this.

What is the difference between DVD- and DVD plus?

In terms of storage capacity, DVD+ and DVD- are identical. However, DVD+ and DVD- have slightly different coding formats.

What Is DVD-Super Multi drive?

"A specification from the DVD Forum that certifies DVD drives for media compatibility. Drives with the DVD Multi logo can read and write DVD-RAM, DVD-RW and DVD-R discs as well as read DVD-Video and DVD-ROM. DVD Multi drives may also be able to play DVD-Audio discs. See dvdand dvd-audio."taken from dvd-multi

Is a DVD device a computer?

No, a dvd device is either a DVD player, or a DVD drive on a computer.

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