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Single shot = $35 - $90, Double barrel = $100 - $250, depending on condition.

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Q: What is a Diamond Arms 20 gauge shotgun patent August 12 1913 worth in good shape?
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How much is it worth black diamond 12 gauge shotgun how much is it worth black diamond 12 gauge shotgun?

100-10000 USD

Why does your Western Field 16 gauge shotgun have a Browning patent?

I would have to assume that you have a semi-auto shotgun.If your shotgun has a slight hump to the back of the reciever then it was a shotgun made with a browning patent and would have to be listed on the gun along with the royaltys paid to his patent.

Wwhen was a 12 gauge shotgun made by diamond arms gun com that says army steel choke bored and has q 602 at the behind the trigger?

My shotgun says patent 1900 everything else seems the same

What is value of eclipse gun co belgium 7212 12 gauge shotgun patent number 488368?


What is it worth A Cherokee 12 gauge shotgun serial 34720 patent august111695?

No more than 100 USD.

What is the manufacture year of an Ithaca Model 37 shotgun 12 gauge patent 1849982 serial number 92369?


What is the value of a Diamond arms 12 gauge shotgun number 4569?

50-100 USD

Where can you get a manual for a 12 gauge pump shotgun that has Browning Patent engraved on the barrel?

You need to identify the make and model of the shotgun. Dozens of different makes of guns show a browning patent on the barrel. Recheck and re-ask the question - Thank you

Where can you find information about a 12 gauge Diamond Arms single shotgun patented Aug 12 19 with no serial number?

Diamond Arms shotguns were made by several manufacturers, but if the rest of the patent date is '13', this one was by J. Stevens Arms and retailed by Shapleigh Hardware.

You are looking for a blue print for the internal workings of a Winchester 1890 12 gauge lever action shotgun?

U.S. Patent Office

What is the age of a 20 gauge diamond arms shotgun serial no 15346?

No published sn data available.

What is the value of a 12 gauge Diamond Arms single shot shotgun?

$35-$75, depending on condition.

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