What is a Dss worker?

Updated: 11/7/2022
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A DSS worker is a social worker who is employed by the Department of Social Services. The DSS handles many programs including Food Stamps, Medicaid, and child welfare so a worker could hold a position in any of those areas.

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Q: What is a Dss worker?
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How do you get in touch of someone in the DSS office to send them an email message?

There is a need to get in touch with my case worker @ the DSS office; is there any way of getting the email address

How do you play dss audio files on a PC?

Google 'DSS player light'

What are the characteristics of DSS?

Unlike other types of information systems, the purpose of a DSS is specifically to help managers make decisions. A DSS supports individual managers and groups of managers at all levels of management in an organization.

What happens to child support when the children are in dss custody?

You should contact your attorney. It is likely that you should be paying the support to DSS.

How dss can be used for simulaton?

DSS or Decision Support System can be used for simulation in a variety of ways. When a DSS is designed properly, it becomes an interactive software based system that encourages simulation by offering decision making activities.

What is the difference between data driven DSS and model driven DSS?

Model data driven user interacts primarily with a mathematical model and its results while data driven DSS is user interacts primarily with the data

Is farmfoods for dss people?


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What are some reviews on social work careers?

The bureau of labor statistics website offers great statistics on a social workers career. If you are looking for specific reviews you might be interested in contacting your local dss office and ask to interview a social worker.

What is deference between MIS and DSS?

While MIS is concerned with improving operational efficiency, DSS is more concerned with helping management to make better decisions. MIS stands for Management Information Systems and DSS for Decision Support Systems.

How do you get out of DSS custody when underage?

It is difficult to get out of DSS custody until you are over age eighteen. It is possible sometimes to have a judge grant a minor emancipation.