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It is a type of array to fit into an intel Socket 370 or Socket 478 CPU socket.

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Q: What is a FC-PGA socket?
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What is the meen of FCPGA package?

Ans. It is a processor package the full form of the FCPGA is flip chip pin grid arrey

What is a DIL socket?

a dil socket is a dil socket

What is a socket connector?

A Socket Connector is where you are going to connect a socket

What is the latest socket for Intel desktop processors?

Socket 7LGA775 socket

Which slot or socket does the AMD Athlon use?

socket 7 or socket A

Hom many pins are there in a processor socket?

Depends on what socket you get. Each may be different. E.G: LGA 771 LGA 775 LGA 1366 Socket 478 Socket 939 Socket AM2 Socket AM2+ Socket AM3

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What is another name for socket A?

Socket 462.

What it is beam-socket?

it is a socket in which a beam is held to.

What is socket abstraction in java?

socket abstraction

Describe the difference between a PGA socket and an SPGA socket?

A PGA socket has pins aligned in uniform rows around the socket. Where an SPGA socket has pins staggered over the socket to squeeze more pins into a small space.

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Socket a CPUs are manufactured by?

Socket A is also known as Socket 462. This CPU socket is used for AMD processors, manufactured by Athlon Thunderbird.

What is another name for socket 478?

Socket 478 was the only widespread name for this processor socket.

What is the socket for an AMD Athlon 2400?

Socket A or Socket 462 (same thing, different names).

Another name for the AMD Socket A?

Socket 462

What is the latest socket used by AMD?

Socket AM3

Socket 775 has a lever and socket cover?


Does Socket 775 have a lever and socket cover?


What is the function of socket outlet?

funtion of outlet socket

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He gots socket in the face

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How to Replace lamp socket?

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What socket do Pentium 4s use?

Pentium 4s were available in Socket 423, Socket 478, and LGA 775.

What Pentium Socket had pins aligned in uniform rows around the socket?

PGA socket - Pin grid array