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What is a Facebook page?

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A facebook page is a page dedicated to something, and you " become a fan " of it or as its now known as you " like " it.

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How do you refresh your Facebook page?

How to refresh my facebook page

What is jaden smith's facebook page found?

yes jaden smith has a facebook page but he doesn't have a facebook page for fans.

Do you need a Facebook page to view a Facebook member page?

No. However, what you can do on their page is limited.

Can you completely remove Facebook page?

Yes you can completely delete your Facebook page via Facebook page manager. You just have to leave the reason of deactivating you page.

Where is the requests page on Facebook?

The request page is on the games that you play on facebook

What do p4p mean on Facebook?

P4P on Facebook means Page for Page

How do I get Answers OFF my Facebook page?

Unlike the Answers facebook page

What is a Facebook fan page?

A Fan Page is one of Facebook features which allow facebook users to create a page for a community, business, for a cause and for a person. It is also a customizable page, unlike the facebook group and profile page.

How do you review a facebook page?

Here reviewing facebook page is to improve your page traffic i.e., just like of promoting your facebook page. You can get likes on facebook through buy real likes. This is one of the best way of promoting the page.

What is Keanu Reeves Facebook page?

Keanu Reeves doesn't have a Facebook page.

How do you delete community page in Facebook?


Does Ringo Starr have a Facebook page?

Yes. Search for his artist page on Facebook.

Does Travis Tritt have a Facebook Page?

Does the REAL Travis Tritt Have a Facebook Page

Do tianna childress have a Facebook page?

Yes Tianna Childress have a facebook page

Does princeton have a fake facebook pages?

You are not supposed to make a fake facebook page, Princeton however does have a facebook page.

What is the difference between Facebook account and Facebook page?

A Facebook account is registered for an individual. A Facebook page is set up for a business/brand.

What is the difference between regular Facebook and Facebook Workplace?

Regular Facebook is a page where people can meet friends and family while facebook workplace is a page where the people who made facebook is suppose to be keeping facebook up.Facebook workplace is basically a page where people is working on facebook.

Does perrie Edwards have an instagram account or official facebook page?

Yes, Perrie Edwards does have an Instagram account and an official Facebook page. The Facebook page is PerrieEdwardsUK and is listed as the official page.

Can you Facebook Connect with a Facebook page rather than a person profile?

Yes you can connect with Facebook page rather than connecting with a person profile. You connect with the Facebook page simply by liking it.

Can you look up and see who viewed you facebook page?

There is no function for that in Facebook but usually, Facebook does notify you when your page has a new view.

On Facebook how do you make a page?

just live on the page page''page''

How do you link my personal Facebook account to my Facebook fan page?

There is no to need to link the account if you are the admin of your page then your profile account is directly linked to the Facebook Fan Page

Does Billy Martin have a Facebook?

He has a facebook fan page but not an actual facebook

Does jet li have a Facebook?

Jet does not have a Facebook profile, but he does have a Facebook page.

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