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See the Related Link for "Wikipedia: Fnord" to the right for the answer from a Religion and Spirituality point of view.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-24 22:44:27
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Q: What is a Fnord?
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Does chaos exist?

Yes. fnord

What is the Greek goddess of chaos?

Eris. (fnord.)

Who has knowledge of the 5 Daemon brothers?


Is the illuminati a scam?

The Illuminati do not exist. Please go about your business. FNORD

What can you use to kill maggots?

Fnord them (pour boiling water over them). -- Histeridae

What happens if you get into Illuminati and how and what does it do explain simple?

If you ever need to know, you will be told. If you're not told, you don't need to know. Fnord.

What makes mushroom grow without planting?

Microscopic spores from the fruiting bodies of fungi are carried through the air, and produce a fresh colony if they land in a suitable location, called a 'fnord'.

What could be one of the lessons found in the Tao Te Ching?

1) The Tao that follows is not the true Tao. 2) The lesson that can be learned is not the true lesson. 3) The question that can be asked is not the right question. 4) None of the above. 5) All of the above. 6) Both all and none of the above. 7) Fnord.

Did the Illuminati kill Michael Jackson?

No, Michael Jackson's celebrity and isolation from a normal life, with the help of people who wanted a part of his world are responsible for his death.NO. Michael Jackson's personal doctor/nurse messed up, and he died naturally,but the doctor should have taken care of himThe (real life, not modern imaginary) Illuminati broke up ca. 1785. So it's impossible.There's no such thing as the Illuminati. Fnord.

Why is discordianism considered to be a big joke?

All the nonbelievers are just blinded by fnord. If there could be said to be a 'point' to Discordianism, it is that the universe itself is a big joke, or at least it is better for human mental health to take it that way. Hence, being a part of the universe, how could Discordianism NOT be a big joke? Or to put it differently - the Principia Discordia is widely available on the Internet. It's a very short book, and does not have to be read linearly. Go and read it yourself. If you find yourself agreeing with it, while agreeing also that it is a joke, you might just be a Discordian. If it strikes you as schizophrenic, drug-addled gibberish, you are probably in the clutches of Greyface. If it appears profoundly true and entirely serious, you should probably start taking your meds again.