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A Great Black Wasp, Sphex pennsylvanicus, also known as Katydid Killer, is a large solitary non-aggressive black wasp of up to 1 1/2 inches in length. One of the solitary digger wasps, it feeds on nectar, sap, and other insects.

Nesting habit:

Digs a burrow, one egg per chamber, into each of which it places a large insect such as a cicada or katydid which provides food for the hatched young.

Novice identification is simple, in that:

  • Wasps fly with their feet trailing below rather than tucked up against their bodies like bees and hornets
  • No other wasps in North America are both this large and an unmarked dark black/blue-black. eg, Cuckoo Wasps are also blue-black, but are very small, and Great Golden Digger Wasps are large, but browner and with markings.

What to do if one has wandered indoors:

  • Turn out the lights in succession (starting at the back of the room andmoving the line of dimness toward the door) encourages it to fly back outside toward the sunlight.
  • Unless physically disturbed, they won't bother you, so don't try to shoo them toward the door. Although they generally ignore people, at that point you may become a target.
  • Flyswatters are unlikely to be sufficient, and just irritate the insect. Once aggravated, they will sting.
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Q: What is a Great Black Wasp?
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What type of wasp is totally black?

The great black wasp.

Does the great black wasp sting?

Like any other wasp, the Great Black Wasp (sphenx pennsylvanica) is equipped with a stinger. Do not confuse the Great Black Wasp with other black wasps. The Great Black Wasp is a solitary wasp, consequently, it does not build "community" nests similar to other wasp species and does not swarm. If you are experiencing swarming black wasps, then these are not the Great Black. Wasps are typically fairly aggressive, however the Great Black Wasp is not as aggressive as other species and generally will not bother you unless provoked (accidentally stepped on or otherwise agitated). However, this is a large powerful insect with an extremely painful sting, therefore caution is advised. The Great Black Wasp is easy to identify from other stinging insects; these wasps fly with their legs trailing behind them while most other types of bees and wasps will tuck their legs toward their body as they fly. The Great Black Wasp is also considerably larger than other wasp species with a separate thorax and abdomen.

Can a great black wasp kill a person?

No. It cannot.

Are black wasp aggressive?

The black wasp is an aggressive bee. Another name for the black wasp is the cicada killer wasp. It is larger than other wasp, growing up to 2 inches long.

Which kind of bee is 2 or 3 inches long that's all black?

The great black wasp

Is there a Picture of three tailed black assassin wasp?

yup actually ther is !! see it here : :) see it but dont touch it !

Can a great black wasp kill?

Yes you will go into a fit and die in 20 mlns ;/ I no this for when my great auntie died of one

What kind of wasp is black with white spots on tail?

There are several types of wasps that can be identified as being black in color with white spots on various areas of their body. The most common type of wasp that is black with white spots on its tail is a thread wasted wasp.

What kind of wasp has green stripes and a black body?

The Cicada Wasp has a black body with blue wings. This wasp also features red and yellow stripes near its stinger.

What type of Wasp is black with red stripe in Florida?

Bald faced hornet is black in color with white stripes. It is a North American wasp and belongs to a genus of yellow jackets.

What bug has black-blue wings with a black body?

The black and blue hairy flower wasp (Scolia soror) and the great black wasp (Sphex pensylvanicus) are bugs that have black bodies and black-blue wings. The steel-blue aphid- and cricket-hunting wasp (Chlorion gerarium) gives black-and-blue impressions that cautiously closer inspection proves to be more black of wings and blue of body. The three insects will be found respectively in Australia (case 1) and North America (examples 2, 3).

What does the Shiny Black Wasp do?

One of the most common and important braconid parasites in crop insect control is the Shiny Black Wasp, a major predator of aphids.