What is a Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is a character on a TV series, Hannah Montana.
On this show a girl called Miley Stewart (Played by Miley Cyrus) is a normal girl with normal friends who moved to Malibu from Tennesee. But, at night, she is a secret popstar Hannah Montana. She transforms into this fictional character by wearing a blonde wig, then she goes on stage as Hannah Montana. Nobody at school knows this secret, only a few close friends and her family. Watch the series unfold as she tries to live a normal life whilst being a popstar phenomenon.

There is no such thing as "a" Hannah Montana, only a girl in a wig.

Hope that helped :) P.S. Hannah Montana is a Ugly girl and her singing is horrible. I personnally HATE her!!! So I'm starting a gang to go up agenst her and wipe her out FOREVER!!! MMMWWWHHHHAAAA!!! P.S.S. In the future I will..