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A "Heinz 57" dog is a mixed breed dog of uncertain ancestry- a mutt. The name refers to the "57 varieties" Heinz slogan.

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What type of dog is the Kmart dog?

Heinz 57

How do you train a heinz 57 dog?

A Heinz 57 dog (aka I hope you know is a dog mixed with more than two breeds :)) can be trained just as any other dog would be. :)

Does a Heinz 57 dog shed?

well all dogs shed i belive

What Kind of Dog Is a Heinz 57?

mixed breads ex. lab chow

What kind of dog is Reckless off of the Walton's?

the waltons dog reckless was a red bone hound.

Can you use mongrel in a sentence?

Although Spot was a mongrel, we liked to call him our Heinz 57 dog.

What does the 57 stand for in heinz 57?

Its about the pickles

On the brand of Heinz 57 what does the number 57 stand for?

57 varieties

57 h v?

57 Heinz Varieties

Can a dog die from ketchup?


What does 57 mean in heinz 57?

Heinz originally had 57 varieties of goods which they sold. (Clearly, these days they have far more than 57 varieties).

What is 57 V of HK?

57 Varieties of Heinz Ketchup

Ditloid 57 h v?

57 Heinz Varieties

What does 57 H V mean?

57 heinz varieties

Why are you considered heinz variety animals?

Go here for an explanation: Simply put, the correct term is "Heinz 57" not just "Heinz" as the number 57 is a reference to the number of (secret, therefore unknown) ingredients that make up the sauce. When used to describe animals (most often dogs) the term "Heinz 57" means the dog is a mutt or mongrel (of unknown or mixed breeds) and not a purebred.

What is the name for a dog with a little bit of every dog in it?

Mutt. In my grandfather's day they also used to call them Heinz 57s, after the steak sauce with 57 ingredients.

Which number is heinz number?


Brain teaser 57 H V?

57 Heinz Varieties

Is there a heinz 57 steak sauce?


Mostp pupular ketchup?

Heinz 57

What does 57 H V stand for?

57 Heinz Varities This can be seen on the label of all Heinz products and represents the number of products Heinz has. These problems are called Ditloids and there are many many more.

What does 57 HV stand for?

It can stand for a lot of things, i.e. 57 Hydro Vac, 57 Heinz Varities...

What number of varieties is associated with Heinz products?

It is 57

When was Heinz 57 sauce invented?

57, was invented in 1957. It says it on the label of the bottle. Next time your at a shop look for Heinz 57 ketchup it'll tell you on the front of the bottle. Good Luck =D no it wasn't

What was the first of HJ Heinz' 57 varieties?