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A Hello Kitty Nohohon is a Hello Kitty statue thing that usally works by sun and moves some part of its body. Hello Kitty Nohohon stands for Hello Kitty Relaxation.

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โˆ™ 2009-08-28 10:21:32
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Q: What is a Hello Kitty Nohohon?
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What language is hello kitty?

Hello Kitty was originally Japanese, and 'Hello Kitty' is the English translation.

What is Hello Kitty's catchphrase?

Hello Kitty's last name is "Hello!".

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Hello KITTY suggests that it is a CAT.

Where was hello kitty invented?

hello kitty was invented in Japan.

Has hello kitty got a brother?

No, Hello Kitty does not have a brother.

Where originate the hello kitty?

Hello Kitty originates from Japan.

Is hello kitty a book?

Yes, Hello Kitty is a book

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yes there is a hello kitty factory.

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kitty says hello

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Hello Kitty has a sister called mimmy Hello Kitty also has a more cat version of her called Charmmy Kitty

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Hello Kitty's twins name is Mimi. It says in my Hello Kitty coloring book :)

Does Hello Kitty talk-?

Sanrio, the manufacturer of Hello Kitty products, has produced several talking Hello Kitty plush toys. Hello Kitty was first introduced to consumers in 1974.

When is Hello Kitty's birthday?

Hello Kitty's birthday was November 1,1974.