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What is a Homebrew Channel?


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For The Nintendo Wii, the homebrew channel is available through the twilight Hack and allows users to launch homebrew games and apps from an SD card


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No, the Homebrew Channel is free. If you did pay, you were scammed.

To my knowledge, homebrew is a channel you can get that lets you make texture hacks.

No, you can run it on any system that has a Homebrew channel from a site or download.

On your PC (or Mac), go to and click on "Homebrew Setup." Read the instructions there. Wiibrew is the official wiki for the Homebrew Channel.

No you can not. But there are short cuts you can do without the homebrew channel.

On your PC (or Mac), go to and click on "Homebrew Setup." Read the instructions there. Wiibrew is the official wiki for the Homebrew Channel.

This means that the Homebrew Channel is working.You have a few options:# Upload a homebrew application or game via WiFi to your Wii which will be booted by the Homebrew channel # Put homebrew applications or games onto a SD Card. The directory you make on the SD Card must follow the Homebrew Channel protocol (check out the Wiibrew Link).Then reload the Homebrew Channel. If you have properly installed an application onto your SD card, you will see it listed on your screen.----

Sure. It can play DVDs, but only by using the Homebrew Channel. do u buy the homebrew channel

The Homebrew Channel is a Wii channel used to launch homebrew apps on your wii... basicly you get this then the homebrew browser then download wat u want... emulators... music... codes... i hav the hbc and its cool... people say its illegal but its not... so dont let tht get u.... its free and easy to use channel

Yes. With the Bannerbomb exploit, you can now install the Homebrew Channel just by placing a carefully instructed save file and a program (for installing the Homebrew Channel, use HackMii) on an SD card.

As of the 27th / February / 2009, the latest version of the Homebrew Channel is Version 1.0.1.If the Homebrew Channel is not on your machine you can get it for free from its main site at you already have it installed on your machine, please make sure you have an internet connection active to your Wii and it will update itself automatically.Do not pay for the Homebrew Channel! If you do, you have been scammed!----

With the Homebrew channel.

The homebrew channel is still installable on Wii firmware 4.3. The Indiana Pwns method is reported to still work.

No, as of 5/01/10 there is not. You can still use compatible flashcarts to run homebrew.

If you download a Wii System Update, it removes the Homebrew channel. Also, downloading it may "brick" your Wii, which makes it unusable.

The Homebrew Channel is an unofficial channel used to load homemade applications that people have written. It isn't illegal but Nintendo is no longer held responsible for damages to the wii console.

No, if you uninstalled the Homebrew Channel and BootMii, there is very little that can help you if the Wii bricks due to a "full brick" from an update, etc. except for sending it in to Nintendo. Uninstalling the Homebrew Channel and BootMii will not brick your Wii, however.

By getting "The Homebrew Channel."

No you can't. Before getting the homebrew channel, the only way to transfer data to the wii is by SD card, unfortunately. The usb ports in the back can only be used for wii controllers and ethernet adapters (until you get the homebrew channel, of course).

You don't need to pay to get the Homebrew channel for Wii. Refer to for Tutorials, guides, and files to get it (Sign-up required to use links).

The Homebrew Channel is somewhat legal. It deppends on how you use it. Some people think it isn't fair & I happen to agree with them completely. It is legal but it is wrong.

You have to have a usb that connects your usb to your sd card. plug it in, then download homebrew , you can google the download link. then drag the downloaded file to your usb. safely eject it. insert the SD card back in the wii. Then you have the homebrew channel

Homebrew channel. (Hacking)

Launches apps not made by Nintendo

free, if you payed, you were scammed

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