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What is a Hozy Berry?


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Hozy BerryA really rare berry that increases a Pokemon's Happiness.

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Here's the list of all the Berry mutations in Pokémon X and Y: Apicot Berry - Kelpsy Berry + Wacan Berry;Ganlon Berry - Qualot Berry + Tanga Berry;Grepa Berry - Aguav Berry + Figy Berry;Hondew Berry - Aspear Berry + Leppa Berry;Kee Berry - Liechi Berry + Ganlon Berry;Kelpsy Berry - Chesto Berry + Persim Berry;Liechi Berry - Hondew Berry + Yache Berry;Maranga Berry - Salac Berry + Petaya Berry;Petaya Berry - Pomeg Berry + Kasib Berry;PomegBerry -Iapapa Berry + Mago Berry;Qualot Berry - Oran Berry + Pecha Berry;Salac Berry - Grepa Berry + Roseli Berry;Tamato Berry - Sitrus Berry + Lum Berry.

This ones: Cheri Berry, Leppa Berry, Oran Berry, Persim Berry, Lum Berry, Figy Berry, Razz Berry, Pinap Berry, Pomeg Berry, Qualot Berry, Hondew Berry, Tamato Berry, Nomel Berry, Spelon Berry, Belue Berry, Occa Berry, Rindo Berry, Chople Berry, Shuca Berry, Tanga Berry, Charti Berry, Babiri Berry, Liechi Berry, Petaya Berry, Apicot Berry, Lansat Berry, Starf Berry, Enigma Berry and Rowap Berry

corrn berry, magost berry, nomel berry, rabuta berry, belue berry, durin berry, pamtre berry, spelon berry, and watmel berry but they are very rare

Here are a few:Liechie berry, Chesto berry, Cherie berry, Rawst berry, Lum berry, Bluk berry,Razz berry, Watmel berry, Babiri berry.Hope i helped!

Enigma Berry, Lum Berry, Micle Berry, Rowap Berry, and Sitrus Berry I think.

It depends on the lvl of the pokemon...: BLUE- Level 10: Chesto Berry Oran Berry Level 25: Wiki Berry INDIGO- Level 10: Lum Berry Bluk Berry Wepear Berry Level 25: Kelpsy Berry Hondew Berry Cornn Berry Level 50: Pamtre Berry

Lol Acai Berry and berry juice

The best berry is a wiki berry

Berry 12 is Wiki Berry and is sometimes given by a woman on Route 120 near the loamy soil.Berry 13 is Mago Berry and is sometimes given by the Berry Master.Berry 14 is Aguav Berry and is sometimes given by the Berry Master.The Berry Master lives on Route 123.

Berry Berenson went by Berengaria, and Berry.

berry delicious berry healthy berry juicy

A homonym for berry is bury

Yes an Orange is a berry. Every Berry is a type of fruit, but a berry is defined by if it is created from one single ovary. *The orange fruit is a hesperidium, a type of berry.* - the tomato, also a berry.

A Pokemon that can learn moves for the contest you want to enter in, using pokeblocks made from berries like spelon berry or durin berry or ganlon berry or belue berry or pamtre berry or watmel berry or salac berry or leichi berry or petaya berry will give you better levels and less feels expeccially if you blend with 4 people.

well all berries are good for poffin making! but if there are certain kinds of poffins here's a (somewhat) good berry chart o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------o BERRIES FOR SWEET POFFINS 1.watmel berry 2.grepa berry 3.mago berry 4.bluk berry o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------o BERRIES FOR SOUR POFFINS 1.belue berry 2.kelpsy berry 3.iapapa berry 4.wepear berry o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------o BERRIES FOR SPICY POFFINS 1.spelon berry 2.qualot berry 3.figy berry 4.pinap berry o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------o BERRIES FOR BITTER POFFINS 1.durin berry 2.pomeg berry 3.aguav berry 4.nanab berry o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------o BERRIES FOR DRY POFFINS 1.pamtre berry 2.hondew berry berry 4.razz berry o-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------o And that's all I have for now. gameprogirl101

Chuck has 4 children: Ingrid Berry Clay; Chuck Berry, Jr.; Aloha Isa Lei Berry; Melody Exes Berry


You get a Berry Pouch by finding a berry on the ground.(dark spots)

Starf berry is the most rarest berry,

how to get snookums:love berry love berry love berry any

"Berry" in English is bacca in Italian.

The area of Mornay-Berry is 9,150,000.0 square meters.

yew. a poisonious berry

Technically speaking, it is a berry. == ==

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