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Many of the prints are valued in price close to $25 each. The exact of the print will vary depending upon the condition that it is in.

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Are prints of the picture venting cattle on the fricsco system worth anything?

I am looking to buy a print of this painting.

What is your Lakeside Sentinel picture by Richard Lorenz with a pink signature worth?

About $2 or $3 dollars for a print copy.

I have a print which is signed and number by david koster born in 1926 .the print is a picture of sailbots what is it worth?

It depends on a number of things - size, condition, rarity etc.

How much is this picture worth 1907 The Gray Lith co. n. y. 17 x 12 picture of kittens?

How much would a print of Rival Pets by The Gray Lith Co. N.Y. 1903 # 232 be worth, I have a customer asking that brought this print in.

Is a signed Thomas Gainsborough Blue Boy print worth anything?

No, there are a variety of companies that make prints of famous artwork. The only value is in the pleasure the viewer gets from the picture. The frame may actually be worth more than the print.

What is an 1899 Ullman Manufacturing Co New York print worth?

Picture--two little girls with small animal on wheels

What is a signed Herbert E Abrams print titled forsythia worth?

I have a signed print of forsythia, what is this print worth?

What is a print of a gauerio worth today?

A print of a gauerio is worth $20 today.

What is a Siegfried Reinhardt Girl with the Golden horn print worth?

i have the same picture and i can not find the painting anywhere online for the girl with the golden horn

What is a picture of Viggo Mortensen worth?

Not much, seeing as you can get one off the internet practically any time (and print it out on photo-paper and hang it, if you like). Now if we're talking about an autographed picture of Viggo...

Artistic picture publishing co inc - JLProvost - 1938 - picture - looking for value if any?

If the print is a reproduction, it is worth much less than an original, however depending on the reproduction quality etc.. it can be worth good money.

How much is picture of JFK and Jackie taken the night before assassination worth?

Depends if it is a print or the original, what condition it was in, who was the photographer, and how much demand there is for it in the market.

How much is a Gene Speck print worth?

How much gene speck print worth

How much is a gerry metz print worth?

Many of the prints are worth close to $40 each. If you have a signed copy of the print, it will be worth more.

How much is a 1972 Basil Ede Wild Turkey print worth?

The print alone is worth a minimum of $600.

How much is a embosed print of Abraham Lincoln worth?

It is hard to say what an embossed print of Abraham Lincoln would be worth. It would depend on the condition and the collectibility of the print.

How much is a print of mother and son by hwb Davis worth?

how much is a print of mother and son by hwd davis worth

How many words is picture worth?

The saying is, 'One picture is worth a thousand words'.

1000 that is a p is w?

1000 words that a picture is worth1000 words that a picture is worth (eg "a picture is worth a thousand words")

How many words is a picture worth?

They say a picture is worth one thousand words. However, if the picture is well done and tells a story, it can be worth many more.

How much is the marvel zombie comic it is 1 and first print and also CGC 9.6 sign and in the signature series be worth hmm yes i do own this how much is it worth and is it holding on too?

Hard to tell without a picture. Try it is free. you can post a picture there and get pricing help. Good Luck!!!

What is the value of picture?

a picture is worth a thousand words

How much is a autographed Cheri Blum print worth?

it is worth a £10

How much are edward art products framed western art pictures worth?

I have a framed Edward Art Products of Chicago western print, company was purchased by Franklin Picture. It is a 34 by 42 size and on the back reflects a name "Seeking a new hunting ground". It is not the Charles Russell print of that name. I'm trying to indentify the picture.

If a picture is worth a thousand words what is a picture of a thousand words worth?

as much as pictures of a thousand words are usually worth Also, A picture is worth a Thousand words means that a picture, is as good as 1000 words. You could have a 1000 word essay, and be describing a scene, and you could have a 1 picture that has 1 scene.