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What is a Japanese poem called?

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It is called a 'Haiku'. The syllable sequence goes 5, 7, 5 in that order. They are usually to do with nature, and very rarely would it be politics.

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What is a three lined Japanese poem called?

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What is the name for Japanese verse?

a verse in a Japanese poem is called a haiku is that what you meant??

What is the name of the Japanese death poem?

It is called 'jisei.'

What is the word poem in Japanese?

詩 (shi) is poem in Japanese.

What is a Japanese poem withe the syllables that go 5-7-5?

It is called a Haiku poem.

A three-line Japanese poem usually about nature is called?


Describe a haiku poem?

Is a type of poem that is from the Japanese culture...

Is a haiku a japanese poem?

Yes. It is a poem style originating in Japan.

What is a example of a haiku?

A Japanese poem.

What is the example of Japanese poem?


What is a poem about a poem called?

a poem about a poem.

What is the word 'poem' when translated from English to Japanese?

詩: shi

What is a 17-syllable poem?

It is a Japanese poem form known as a Haiku

What is a long poem called?

A long poem can be called an epic poem.

Can a poem be one word long?

A poem cannot be one word long, or it would be a word and not a poem >.< Though you do get Japanese poems called haikus which are usually only two or three lines long. Hope this...helps :)

What does maiku Japanese?

Maiku Japanese is a short poem in Japanese. This poem has 3 lines:first line has 5 syllables, second line has 7 syllables and the last line has 5 syllables.

31 syllable Japanese poem?


What is a Japanese poem of 3 lines?


A haiku is a type of Japanese poem true or false?

It is a true statement that a Haiku is a type of Japanese poem. The Haiku originated in Japan in the 9th century.

What is a poem that is shaped into something called?

A poem that is shaped into something is called a concrete poem

What is the rhythm of a poem called?

The rhythm of a poem is called meter.

What Japanese poety follows a pattern 7-5-7 syllables?

That poem is called a haiku, but i believe that you have the syllable pattern backwards, a haiku is actually 5-7-5 poem, not a 7-5-7 syllable poem

How many syllables are there in a Japanese haiku poem?


What is the definition to haiku?

A Japanese 3 line poem.

What is a Japanese literature?

A "haiku" is a traditional Japanese short sensory poem with a set amount of syllables.