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A male wolf in Latin is called a lupus. A female wolf in Latin is called a lupa (also known as a she-wolf).

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What is the Latin translation for the word wolf in Latin?

Lupus (male wolf); lupa (she-wolf).

What is a Latin name for a wolf?

Lupus (male wolf); lupa (she-wolf).

What is a boy wolf called?

a male wolf is called a dog!!!!

What is the masculine noun of a wolf?

A male wolf is a dog and the male leader is called the alpha male.

What is a male wolf called?

A male wolf is called a dogwhat are wovles male nameDepends on the class, alpha, beta, and omega.

What is the leader of a wolf pack called?

The male leader is called the Alpha, or the Alpha Male. The female leader, or the wolf who breeds with the Alpha male, is called the Alpha Female.

What do you call a father wolf?

The male wolf is called a dog.

Could the female wolf with the alpha wolf be called Luna?

No. A female alpha wolf is called a Drappa. The male alpha is called the Dragga.

What is a female wolf called in French?

A wolf (male) is said "loup", a female wolf is said "louve".

What is a male wild dog called?

a wolf

What is he-wolf?

A male wolf can be called a bunch of different names, though the most common term is 'brute'.

What is the male term of wolf?

Dear you, I believe that wolf is the male term and female is called she- wolf Thank you From find out who i m p.s. this is a code.. i dhelefovse bflefsn kuaydhihsdtn

What is a wolf father called?

The father of wolf pups is typically the alpha male of the wolf pack. Only the alpha male and alpha female breed within a pack of wolves.

What is the Latin name for wolf?

lupus is Latin for wolf.lupus

Latin word for wolf?

Lupus is the latin word for wolf.

What is a male wolf?

A male wolf is a wolf who is male (a boy, a man, a guy, etc.) A male wolf is bigger and heavier than a female wolf, thus a way of identifying them.

What is a prairie wolf called the Latin name is Canis latrans?


What is a Latin name for a female wolf?

Accalia- she-wolf Adolpha- noble wolf Lupa- she-wolf Larentia- she-wolf who nursed Romulus and Remus Luperca- she-wolf who nurse Romulus and Remus I hope these help!

What is the male organ of copulation called?

It is called the penis. Or in Latin, the phallus.

Is the wolf in the she wolf music video male or female?

The wolf in the she wolf music video is female and not a male.

Is a girl wolf called alpha?

In a grey wolf pack, only the alpha male and female are allowed to breed.

What is a female wolf called?

A female wolf is called a bitch. She-wolf can also be used.If the female is the head of the pack or the mate to the Alpha-male (male that is leader of the pack) she is called the Alpha-female.However, nowadays they are simply referred to as the breeding female and the breeding male. or the breeding pair.She-wolf or bitch. If she is the highest ranking female in her pack, she is called the dominant female. Usually, the dominant female is the breeding female. The dominant male and female are referred to as the dominant pair and if they are also reproducing, they are referred to as the breeding pair.Well there is not really a term for a Female wolf but they are offen called Shewolves or wolvess

How can you tell a male timber wolf from a female timber wolf?

A male timber wolf has a penis

What is some info about gray wolf?

Its grey and its a wolf Grey wolves are the largest wolf and love in groups called packs dominated by a male and female

What are the male and female wolves called?

The male wolf is called a Brute, while the female is called a Fae. :) --- Actually, 'brute' and 'fae' are slangy terms used by people who role-play wolves and think that's the actual word for the two genders. If they've ever checked the dictionary, a 'brute' means beast, animal, or beastly. No where is it mentioned that 'brute' means 'male wolf'. A 'fae' is a fuel-air explosive. A bomb. I was never aware that female wolves were called bombs. The REAL terms for the two genders are she-wolf and bitch for female wolves. For male wolves, and male wolves are referred to as just wolves - like male and female. Wolf and she-wolf.