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What is a Leo compatible with?

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Leo possesses a strong determination to rise. He is force-ful, candid, and loves honors and high office. He strives to rule through strength and stability rather than through alertness and activity. His actions spring from his emotions rather than his intellect. His Ideas are large and majestic, and he despises petty effort. in trying to gain his high ideals he often over reaches. In his ambition, he is impulsive, passionate and daring. He is noted for his courage, for the strength of his physical constitution, and for his recuperative powers. He is honest, fearless, magnanimous, generous with his friends and sympathetic. Because he is regal, proud and dignified, he is a natural ruler of others. He places great faith and trust in other people,who usually respond to his faith by trying to live up to his expectations. Being sympathetic and warm hearted, he does not demand the impossible of subordinates. Regardless of his position, he should express his splendid organizational traits kindly. This will build a channel through which the highest glories and warmest friendships will come to him. Best quality: Kindness Worst quality: Domineering Significant Associations: Element - Fire Planet -sun Number -19 Letter- G Color -light orange Tone high D Talismanic Gem - ruby Herbs -chamomile / St. John�s wort Most compatible sign: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries, Libra, Pisces This is an explanation of your sun sign only there may be variations of character, temperament and compatibility depending upon your hour of birth.

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Yes, aquarius are compatible with leo.

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