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What is a Line Plot?

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A line plot is a graph that indicates the frequency of values along a range of possibilities. These may be numerical or other forms of data. An X is placed for each occurrence of a given value. (This is analogous to a vertical bar graph.)


Line plot of cars sold (x for each sold)

_ X _ X

_ X X X



1 2 3 4

1 = car type 1 (one sold)

2 = car type 2 (three sold)

3 = car type 3 (two sold)

4 = car type 4 (three sold)

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What is a plot line?

A plot line is the story line or plot of a piece of writing.

What is the meaning of line plot in math?

a line plot is a line that shows arrays on a line. you get data based on it.

What is a synonym for number line plot?

Line plot is a synonym to a number line with marks and numbers,

What is plot structure?

the plot line in a story

What is line plot?

A line plot is a graph used to show frequency of data along a number line. You should use a line plot with less than 25 numbers to compare.

What are line plots?

line plot

What does an line plot mean?

I possibly think iys mean when you put a set of date together and make it into a line plot for example, 22,23,34,11,2,345,67 that's a line plot

What's the difference between a line plot and a line graph?

A line plot is just a graph with points and a line graph the points are connected.

What was the plot of the movie?

The plot of the movie is the story line

How do you plot square roots on number line?

Then plot it!

What is the purpose of a line plot?

The purpose of a line plot is usually to see each frequency of the numbers.

How do you find the maximum on a number line plot?

Find the number that is most to the right of the line plot.

What is the Plot line for all summer in a day?

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What plot shows how someone spent over time?

A line plot is the answer you're looking for. A line plot shows change over time.

What is the plot of a book report?

It is not the plot of the report, but the plot of the book. The plot is the story line - what is happening, who is involved, when, why, and where.

Do you use a line plot to order a data set?

no,you use a data when doing a vote. a line plot is for fractions or time line.

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The plot line for Masses of the Red Death is disease and death.

What is the plot line for Annabel Lee?

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What is the mode on a line plot?

The point (or points) where the plot is at its highest.

What word is a line plot using dots?

A scatter plot.

What are the differences between line graph and line plot?

On a line graph, the points are connected by a line. Hence the name 'line graph". A line plot is, A line plot can be used as an initial record of discrete data values. The range determines a number line which is then plotted with X's for each data value.

What are the differences of a plot and graph?

A line graph is a line plotted on a 4 quadrant graph. A line plot is a graph that plots values on a graph !

What is a title and unit in a line plot?

The answer depends on what variables the plot shows.

What is a minor story line secondary to the plot called?


What is the difference between a dot plot and line plot?

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