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What is a P1 power connector?


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The P1 power connector is the first ATX power supplies and motherboards used a single power connector. It also has 20 pins.


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an enhanced ATX power connector uses a 24-pin P1 connector and a enhanced BTX power connector uses a 24-pin P1 connector

A P1 connector is a power connector found on ATX power supplies. It is used to provide main power to the motherboard, and to control ACPI functionality (tell the power suppy to turn off and back on).

ATX version 2.2 allowed for 24-pin P1 connector, which is backward compatible with the 20-pin P1 connector.

A regular ATX motherboard uses a single 20-pin P1 connector with optional 4-pin auxillary power connector

You can identify a motherboard by the position of the CPU, along with the power connectors used. For instance, older baby ATX boards have the CPU positioned directly behind the PCI expansion slots. This can prevent proper seating of the expansion cards, and possibly over-heating to the CPU. The later full ATX (which is also the most common) now a days, but not the latest (BTX is the latest), has the CPU seated away from the expansion slots to provide more room and better ventilation within the computer case. Full ATX use a P1 power connector. P1 has a 20-pin connector that connects to a 24-pin P1 connector on a motherboard (ATX). While the older AT boards and Baby ATX both use P8 & P9 connectors. Sometimes these connections will be marked as "P1" or "P8" & "P9". The P8 connector provides 12volts of power, while the P9 provides 5volts. The later P1 connector added an additional 3.3volts to the already existing technology. This is a logical approach, as P8 & P9 are not combined, while the P1 was introduced combined.

P1 = V I1, Therefore, if P2=0.5*P1, thenI2=0.5*P1/V, or 0.5*I1and if P3=2*P1, thenI3=2*P1/V, or 2*I1In other words, current is proportional to power and inversely proportional to voltage.

the regular ATX has a 20 pin power connector, while the enhanced ATX power connector has 24 pin power connector.

Power input connector, or just power connector

Power input connector, or just power connector

A Connector From AC power supply to Power up The Motherboard.

P1 is where you hook L1 on electric motors. Typically used on 220v motors in the wiring diagram. P1 (phase 1) gets connected to L1 (power leg)

What two voltages are present on a peripheral power connector?

If it's an IDE drive, it will use a 4-pin peripheral power connector, often called a "Molex" power connector, Molex being a major manufacturer of these types of power connectors. If the drive is a SATA drive, it will use a standard 15-pin SATA power connector.

24 pin connector is required to supply power to the motherboard.

Many/most motherboards have a separate power connector for the CPU. Check your motherboard's installation instructions to locate the CPU power connector. Then connect the matching power supply cable to the CPU power connector on the motherboard.

Let p1 and p2 be the two prime numbers. Because they are prime, their divisors are div(p1) = {1,p1} and div(p2) = {1,p2}. So GCD(p1,p2) = Greatest Common Divisor of p1 and p2 = p1 if p1 equals p2 1 if p1 is different from p2

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